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Family and neighbours

Make contact with your nearest neighbours before something happens. Ask your immediate family or neighbours if they think you can cope during an emergency. Keep in touch with family and neighbours and others by:

  • sharing your emergency contacts with the landlord (manager) of your building,
  • sharing your emergency contacts with your neighbours and family,
  • creating a contact list based on information from neighbours,
  • informing someone that they can count on you,
  • teaching people who may assist you during an emergency how to handle the equipment you need. Make sure these people will be reachable,
  • if you are under home medical care, making arrangements with the institution caring for you as to what to do in the event of an emergency,
  • informing the local police, fire brigade and emergency services of your special needs and mobility problems.

In times of danger, check how your relatives and neighbours are coping, especially the elderly and disabled. If possible, help them plan or deploy the supplies they will use. Contact your local care authorities and find out about assistance for the elderly and disabled.