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Dr. Kamila Kamińska-Sztark – Rector’s Representative for Social Responsibility

The tasks of the Rector’s Representative for Social Responsibility at UWr include:

  • promoting the idea of a socially responsible university
  • making the University’s resources available to support the development of Wrocław and Lower Silesia
  • establishing intersectoral cooperation with the social and economic environment
  • animating students’ involvement in the social life of the city and region
  • disseminating knowledge about people associated with UWr who embody the ideals of social responsibility
    undertaking pro-social and pro-ecological initiatives


The city never ceases to fascinate me! Streets, backyards, nooks, crannies, mysteries, cavities revealing more and more old inscriptions on the walls, oxymorons, palimpsests, riddles…

For over 15 years, as an assistant professor at UWr, I have been working on urban pedagogy, revitalisation and streetworking. Working at the Peace Lines of Belfast has taught me to look for opportunities for intercultural dialogue in street text and in excluded spaces: for social change. “Tikkun olam” is an important science for me – I agree that the only question that really matters is how are we going to fix the world? Therefore I study the city and its dynamics, publish articles and do lectures. But most of all – I am a practitioner. I work with people, among people and for people.

I combine academic work with business consulting and urban policy. My concepts are implemented in schools, backyards, cities but also in national and international companies. Since 2005 I have been working as an assistant professor at the Institute of Pedagogy at UWr. I am a member of national and international scientific organisations, such as Critical Discourse Analysis and Discourse Power Resistance. Since 2015 I have also been sitting on the Board of the Network of Universities of European Capitals of Culture (UNeECC). The essence of my specialisation and pride are the projects carried out within the framework of the European Capital of Culture Wrocław 2016 – the international one “Reading the City” and the local one: “Streamlining Foresight Wrocław 2036/2056”. In 2017 I was awarded the medal of the President of the City of Wrocław for my contribution to the ECC program and received an award in the science category in the plebiscite of 30 Creative Wroclaw 2017. I translated Banksy’s book, write fairy tales and develop methodological aids. Since 2017 I have been acting as the Rector’s Representative for Social Responsibility. Privately, I am a mom of Emilka and Julianka.


Rector’s Representative for Social Responsibility
Dr. Kamila Kamińska-Sztark
phone: 665 468 505
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