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Important information for those who have not yet received the 2nd dose of [mRNA by Moderna] vaccination


For those who need help in making a new vaccination appointment and have not yet received information about it, please contact us urgently by email:

Ladies and Gentlemen,

This is to inform you that on 24 June 2021 the COVID-19 vaccination campaign, organised by the University of Wrocław in cooperation with the University Clinical Hospital in Wrocław [USK] and taking place at the Main Library of the University of Wrocław, has ended.

Additionally, the appointments made by the vaccination centre [USK] during the reception of the first dose [blue card], under the above action have been cancelled.

Because of this situation, you will be given new vaccination appointments as soon as possible, which you will be informed of immediately via SMS [sender – ministerial portal: system e-rejestracja].


Published by: Agata Sałamaj

25 Jun 2021

last modification: 29 Jun 2021