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Toward several days, we have been urging you on our social media to join an action that shows our support for people with the spectrum of autism. On 2nd April, we celebrate World Autism Day. What is the #niebieskiUWR (#blueUWR) about? Wear something blue, take a photo of yourself, or put it on FB or Instagram with the hashtag of our action #niebieskiUWR (#blueUWR). The authors of the top 5 photos will receive blue bidons with the UWr logo. Through this fun, we would like to remind you and explain how important this aspect is – the spectrum of autism and Asperger’s Syndrome.

Our university dwarves will also have blue scarves today. This is the joint action of the Wrocław University and the Wrocław’s AsperIT Foundation, the first in Poland that search people with Asperger’s Syndrome to work in IT.

The AsperIT Foundation has been conducting a project, during which for four years, it has consistently investigated people with Asperger’s Syndrome and highly-functioning autism to work in the IT industry.

On this particular day, we educate ourselves on what the spectrum of autism is characterized by and raise awareness among the whole community. Today, the University of Wroclaw is definitely blue!

Rector and vice-rectors at Wrocław University joined the action. We look forward to hearing from you too!

kolaż 9 zdjęć w tym 5 rektora i prorektorów. i napis na niebiesko dla autyzmu

In the picture clockwise: Prof. Dr. hab.Przemysław Wiszewski – Rector of the University of Wroclaw, Prof. UWr Patrycja Matusz – the vice-chancellor for projects and International Relations, Prof. UWr Tomasz Kalisz – the Professor of Student Affairs, Professor Dr. Gabriel Bugla-Płoskońska – the vice-chancellor for Education, Professor Dr. R. hab. Dariusz Adamski – the vice-chancellor for Innovation and change.

Individuals with an AS are consistent, meticulous, and with an excellent photographic visual memory. They often have over-average skills related to science, which is the reason why it makes them perfect for the IT industry. Also, They solve complex logical problems supremely. In the world, there are IT companies that only employ people with Asperger’s Syndrome. In Poland, only 7 percent of people with autism have work for which they receive remuneration.

– Some of us are still looking at the people with the AS or autism as for people with disabilities, and that’s a mistake. Individuals with an AS can work better and more efficiently than most of us in many cases.

It is said that people as Albert Einstein, Alan Turing, the prototype maker of today’s computers, Richard Stallman, associated with GNU/Linux, or even Bill Gates, the Microsoft creator are those who have a disorder called the Asperger Syndrome, who enumerate experts from the AsperIT Foundation.

Published by: Tomasz Sikora

3 Apr 2021

last modification: 3 Apr 2021