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There are 1500 foreign students who study at the University of Wrocław. 300 new international students will start in October. 75 of them came to Wrocław a few weeks earlier to participate in an intensive Polish course at the School of Polish Language and Culture for Foreigners.

Why did they come to Wrocław? Because they like the architecture of the city, because a lot is happening all the time, because central location allows quick and easy weekend travel to Berlin or Paris, because of positive and open-minded people around, because the University of Wrocław has a wide and diverse study-offer, because of the easy access to any information about the studies thanks to the professionally-functioning International Office, because they have heard only great stories from their older colleagues who had studied at the University, because the best dumplings in the world you can eat in Miś!

Students have come from all parts of the world – from Vietnam, Spain, Russia, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Malesia, Morocco, Burma, Palestine, Sri Lanka, USA, Zambia, Zimbabwe, China, Bangladesh, Albania, Egypt, Germany, Georgia, Nigeria, Japan, South Korea, Chile, Belgium, Macedonia, and many other. Probably one of the most exotic parts that the students came from are the Comoro Islands, an archipelago close to Madagascar. Due to the coronavirus, in some regions like Nigeria, India, Iran, Africa or Asia, they are struggling with organising flights and visas. We are waiting for everyone and we do hope that they will manage to have all the necessary formalities done by October.

The two-weeks Intensive Course of Polish Language is aimed at allowing basic communication in Polish.

“We will learn simple expressions. We will go to the Market Hall where, as part of the task, we will have to order a coffee or buy some groceries. We want our students to be able to ask for a direction, order food in a restaurant, say hello to their Polish colleagues, or introduce themselves in the Dean’s Office – say their names, tell what they are going to study and what they come from,” as Marcin Jura says. “We have just one principle – what you are able to say in Polish, even if it is only “good morning,” you must say it in Polish, not in English,” he adds.

Every participant of the course received a lunchbox with healthy food as a welcome gift. It was an initiative made by our International Office with Ula Broda as an initiator of the idea. The Rector Professor Przemysław Wiszewski and the Vice-Rector Professor Patrycja Matusz helped preparing the lunchboxes.

The classes are being conducted taking any safety precautions. Students are divided into small groups and seated in the class keeping the distance. Also, they are obliged to wear face masks and use hand sanitizers.

We would like to warmly welcome all international students at the University of Wrocław and we wish you great stay in the city!

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Photo Agata Sałamaj/UWr/CC BY 2.0

Published by: Dariusz Tomaszczyk

16 Sep 2020

last modification: 21 Oct 2020