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Italian Culture Week

20-25 June 2022 will be the Italian Culture Week devoted to Italy and the Mediterranean Sea, as part of the international project Erasmus+ European Arts and Traditions in Italian Language Learning – Pastille in cooperation with the Institute of Italian Culture in Kraków. On this occasion, an international conference Mediterraneo – Crocevia di racconti 23-25 June will be held from Thursday to Saturday at the Institute of Classical, Mediterranean and Oriental Studies, ul. św. Jadwigi 3/4.

Below you will find the schedule:

  • Monday 20.06 at 19:00: screening of Italian cinema (DCF), hosted by Adam Kruk, film Lacci (Everything Stays in the Family), 2020, directed by Daniele Luchetti
  • Tuesday 21.06 at 19:30: an Italian conversation evening (Księgarnia Hiszpańska, ul. Szajnochy 5)
  • Wednesday 22.06 at 18:30: a culinary workshop, ‘panissa e panissette’ (Księgarnia Hiszpańska, ul. Szajnochy 5), hosted by Professor Sonia Barillari, cook: Jakub Emanuel Malec
  • Thursday 23.06 at 19:00: musical tradition, a concert by Roberto Ruggeri (Księgarnia Hiszpańska, ul. Szajnochy 5)
  • Friday 24.06 at 19:00: Italian literature, reading by Alessandro Curti (Księgarnia Hiszpańska, ul. Szajnochy 5)
  • Saturday 25.06 at 19h: Italian photography, Genova, porta del Mediterraneo. Genoa, the door of the Mediterranean, photos by Gianluca Olcese (Księgarnia Hiszpańska, ul. Szajnochy 5)

We invite all lovers of Italian culture, and not only! Benvenuti a tutti gli appassionati della tradizione italiana, e non solo!

Published by: Maria Kozan

14 Jun 2022

last modification: 14 Jun 2022