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What do students of chemistry, biology, history, or Polish Studies have in common? Of sciences and humanities? Well, they might join the Early Dance Ensemble of the University of Wrocław!

The Ensemble is an artistic organisation of the University of Wrocław and has been active since 2010. Our repertoire includes popular English contra dances, Renaissance and Baroque dances, but on occasion we perform also other periods. Our members take part in various workshops and we regularly work with Jane Gingell, an English theatre director. We also do spectacles, balls and other events connected with early dance and culture.

Would you fancy an interesting time? Would you fancy dancing in historical costumes? Or maybe you would rather sew and create props and scenery? Or are you more interested in the acting part? Join us for a rehearsal and enjoy the historical experience! Please find the detailed information on our Facebook page and our event or Instagram.

Published by: Dariusz Tomaszczyk

14 Jun 2021

last modification: 14 Jun 2021