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Language tests for first-year students

First-year full-time students! A foreign language qualification test awaits some of you in September. The website of the Centre for Foreign Languages has already published the schedule and date of the test, which will be conducted remotely.

Full-time studies

28-29 September

ONLY students may take the test:

first-year first-cycle students of the following fields of study:

  • journalism and social communication
  • image communication
  • German studies
  • Russian studies
  • Czech studies
  • Croatian studies with Serbian language
  • Ukrainian studies with speciality in Ukrainian studies
  • Ukrainian studies – speciality: Ukrainian studies with English language
  • European studies
  • political science
  • social project management
  • migration management with an intercultural dimension
  • biotechnology
  • biotechnology – Polish students only (language other than English)

first-year second-cycle students of the following fields of study:

  • English studies
  • German studies
  • East European Jewish Studies
  • Dutch studies
  • Slavic studies

first-year second-cycle students (unified master’s studies):

  • psychology

The tests take place remotely.

In case of technical problems while taking the test, please send an email to:

After writing the placement test, students will be assigned to groups at the appropriate level. The lists of students and the group list for the fields of study that, according to the programme, start in the first semester will appear on the SPNJO website in the WYKAZ GRUP (GROUP LIST) tile before the start of classes in the winter semester in the academic year 2022/2023.

Tests take place without prior recruitment.
Links to the test forms will be posted on the SPNJO website.

The test lasts 100 minutes and consists of 120 tasks. The test can only be taken once.

The student is registered in the group at the level for which he/she has qualified, but not below the required level.

Published by: Maria Kozan

26 Jul 2022

last modification: 1 Aug 2022