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Prof. Wojciech Kunicki for the year 2020 and DSc Tomasz Gralak for the year 2021 are the laureates of one of the most prominent Science Awards of the University of Wrocław – the Leopoldina Award – granted annually by the Prof. Norbert and Barbara Heisig Foundation based on the scientists’ applications and the evaluation of the Polish-German Superintendent of Experts.

This year, due to pandemic conditions, the Award was granted exclusively in the presence of the Rector of the University of Wrocław, Prof. Przemysław Wiszewski. Simultaneously, the Award for the previous year, not granted in 2020 due to the same reasons, has been granted as well.

The Pool of Superintendents granted the Award for the year 2020 to Prof. Wojciech Kunicki – a Germanist, for his book entitled “German Studies and Didactics at the Royal University of Wrocław in the years 1811-1918”.

It is the 16th edition of the Award. Pursuant to the Articles of Association, the Award is granted for a completed work in the Humanities, which considers Polish-German or European perspectives. Out of nine submitted works, the superintendent, consisting equally of Polish and German university Professors, unanimously selected the project that shall receive the Leopoldina Academic Award of the Prof. Norbert and Barbara Heisig Foundation in the amount of PLN 20,000.

The monograph, published in 2019, comprises 442 pages and draws particular attention to the Study in the field of Recent German Literary and Cultural History. The volume concentrates on introducing the university’s prominent academics and contributes to the history of German Studies at the second most significant Prussian university, whilst emphasising the pioneering role of Breslau in the 19th century.

The author is a research fellow at the Institute of German Studies of the University of Wrocław. The work is an academic achievement of the highest quality and fully complies with the requirements of the Leopoldina Academic Award.

The Leopoldina Academic Award for 2021 was granted to DSc Tomasz Gralak for his book entitled “Architecture, style and structure in the Early Iron Age in Central Europe”. The author is an employee at the Institute of Archaeology of the University of Wrocław. With a great endeavour and significant expertise, the work demonstrates the cultural ties between the Hallstatt culture, the Early Iron Age in Silesia, the Celtic Latene culture, the Roman period, and the Migration period.

The analytical method of examining the data is especially noteworthy, given the author’s original development. Thereby, the author succeeded to substantiate that Athens, Rome and Central Europe have jointly shaped the Canon of European Culture and thus differed from the Central Asian development.

The granting of the Leopoldina Academic Award with laudations and the laureates’ respective clarifications are presented below:

Published by: Agata Sałamaj

8 Jun 2021

last modification: 8 Jun 2021