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Engaged in student activities, very hard-working, liked by her friends, cheerful and smiling, but also very modest; a lover of hiking and biology studies at our University. This is what Wiktoria Stróżna, a second-year biology student, is like. In July of this year, she had an accident, and lost her leg as a result. Right now, people are raising money to help Wiktoria pay for rehabilitation and a lower limb prosthesis.

Wiktoria Stróżna was a second-year Master’s degree student of biology at the Faculty of Biological Sciences. When writing her Master’s thesis, she focused on plant ecology, and conducted much of the research in the upper parts of the Giant Mountains, which she adores. Wiktoria researched the so-called plant functional traits in selected high-mountains plant species. She would collect plant samples, and then carry out measurements and chemical analysis on said samples in our laboratories. The goal of her research was to answer the question about the so-called function of specific plants in the ecosystem, i.e. how a particular species interacts with the environment and other species. This research is very fascinating because of the special environmental conditions which prevail in mountains above the upper boundary of the forest.

When working, both in laboratories and in the field, Wiktoria became known as a very self-reliant, thorough, and reliable person who is always cheerful and smiling. She took an active part in numerous additional initiatives whose goal was popularising studying biology among children (e.g. Night of Biologists and Lower Silesian Science Festival), and was one of the most active members of the Student Scientific Society of Teachers “SOWA”. Wiktoria was also a part of the Independent Students’ Association (NZS) of the University of Wrocław, and, at one point, even its vice-president.

Wiktoria was supposed to defend her Master’s thesis in September of this year. However, that did not happen because of the accident she had on a road in the centre of Wrocław. As a result of the accident, her leg had to be amputated. Right now, people are raising money to help Wiktoria pay for rehabilitation and a prosthesis.

This is what Wiktoria wrote about herself:

“I’m 25 years old, and, until just a couple of months ago, my life seemed perfect. I was about to finish university, and was preparing to defend my Master’s thesis, the topic of which I’m passionate about, I had a job… I wanted to spend all my free time in my beloved mountains… The world looks so beautiful from the mountaintops! Unfortunately, I was dragged down, to the very bottom.

In July, I was involved in a traffic accident. I sustained many injuries, but the biggest shock came when I learnt that I had lost my right leg! I couldn’t bear it. Hiking was my passion, my life, my dream! I still had so many trails and so many roads to walk! I was completely devastated, I couldn’t believe that I – energetic, charismatic, with a head full of dreams – would now have to rely on others.

Ever since the accident, I’ve been bedridden, and my left foot hasn’t touch the ground in twelve weeks, but I’m growing hopeful that everything will be okay. It has to be! I never thought anybody could appreciate the ability to move around on one’s own this much. That’s why I’m asking for help, so that I can walk, scale the peaks, regain my desired mobility, and pursue my plans and dreams with even more determination!

We believe that there are people in our community who will want to donate, and help Wiktoria get back on her feet and enjoy life again!

Wiktoria, we’re here for you, and we believe that everything will be okay!


Published by: Tomasz Sikora

15 Nov 2020

last modification: 15 Nov 2020