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Live with the Rector – Friday, 1pm.

Why is the University of Wrocław not moving to completely remote classes when other universities made such a decision? Are restrictions planned for the unvaccinated at the university? Does the system of moving to remote classes for groups with reported Covid-19 cases actually work? What can the University do to mobilise students and staff at the University to wear protective masks both in classes and in corridors? Is there an obligation to introduce remote lectures in faculties or is this just a suggested solution, will the exam session be online or stationary?

These are just examples of questions which have recently been coming to us through various channels, most often via our social media accounts. The pandemic makes studying more and more difficult, with more doubts and difficult issues to solve. That is why we invited the rector, professor Przemysław Wiszewski, to answer all the questions. Previously, you could meet the rector in person every Friday in his office. This Friday the formula will be different, the rector will answer your questions on UWr Facebook and YouTube. Please join us this Friday, 26 November, at 13:00.

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live z rektorem

Published by: Maria Kozan

24 Nov 2021

last modification: 29 Nov 2021