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Love affairs with the University of Wrocław (charity)

This year, the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity is collecting money for the purchase of equipment for laryngology, otolaryngology and head diagnostics. The University of Wrocław is joining the action by putting up… adventures with the University of Wrocław for auctions!

At one of the auctions for the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity on Allegro, you can bid on a meeting with an extraordinary scientific personality.

Professor Bogusław Pawłowski from the Department of Human Biology at the University of Wrocław is an unquestionable authority in the field of research on sexual selection and the biology of human attractiveness. Tireless promoter of science, for which he was awarded the title of “Populariser of Science 2016” in the PAP Science and Ministry of Science and Higher Education competition. A frequent guest in the media, an expert in the “Wedding at first sight” program. Scholarship holder of several foreign universities, author of over 100 publications that have been published in prestigious scientific journals. He deals with the evolutionary basis of human behaviour and preferences, and in particular the signalling significance of traits perceived as attractive.

Join us for a fascinating online meeting with Professor Pawłowski. What determines our attractiveness in the eyes of the opposite sex? How do people combine into couples? What makes relationships last? You can ask the professor about all this and much more during an exclusive meeting that will be held online. Professor Bogusław Pawłowski will talk about his research and its conclusions, which are worth remembering during each of our love affairs. For those who are interested, the professor will conduct individual consultations and will point out what to follow when looking for love till the grave.

The auction will last until February 6, at 12.15pm.

Other UWr auctions can be found here.

Published by: Tomasz Sikora

2 Feb 2021

last modification: 2 Feb 2021