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The aim of this competition is to relieve the pressure on research-focused scientists.

The “Lower salary as a pro-quality instrument” competitions are an exceptional support for research and academic staff, especially those carrying out research that is part of the Priority Research Areas. The winners will have their teaching duties, i.e. the workload, lowered. Thanks to this, they will gain more time and opportunities to carry out scientific research.

The competition will be announced once a year, until 2025. We are already after the end of its first editio.


  1. In the academic year 2020/2021, the workload was reduced by 30 teaching hours in a group of research and academic staff who do not possess the title of professor,
  2. In the academic year 2021/2022 the workload is reduced by 60 teaching hours and concerns the same group of academic teachers
  3. From the academic year 2022/2023 until the end of the programme:

– the workload reduced by 90 teaching hours may be granted to academic workers who will be employed in a group of research and academic teachers without having the title of professor, and in addition, the workload may be reduced by 30 teaching hours for people employed in the position of professor.

ATTENTION! The total amount of workload reductions may not exceed 50% of the employee’s basic workload.

Where and to whom shall the application be submitted?

An employee shall submit an application for a reduction of his/her workload (ANNEX-the application) by the deadline specified in the competition announcement to the Dean of his/her department

  1. People employed outside the departments shall submit applications to the secretariats of their units

Procedure for examining applications

  1. The application shall be recommended by the chairman of the competent board of scientific discipline,
  2. Applications recommended positively by the chairman of the discipline board shall be considered by the Dean of the faculty or, as appropriate, by the Director of the non-departmental unit,
  3. The Department Dean or Unit Director prepares a ranking list of positively recommended applications and submits it to the Employee Affairs Department,
  4. The applications are taken over by the Competition Evaluation Team, which checks the applications considering:

– justification of the application,

– compatibility of the research plan with the Priority Research Areas,

– the applicant’s track record in scientific research,

– participation in research grants,

– activity in the submission of grants,

– participation in conferences, completed internships etc,

– continuation of the scientific research that is the basis for the previously obtained workload reductions,

  1. The Competition Evaluation Team prepares the list of the competition winners and submits it to the Rector, who makes the final decision on the reduction of the workload
  2. The applicants, the relevant Deans and the Vice-Rector for scientific research will be informed about the workload reductions.

Legal basis: Ordinance No. 80/2020 of the Rector of the University of Wrocław of 1 July 2020 on the introduction of the Rules and Regulations of the “Lower workload as a pro-quality instrument” competition within the “Initiative of Excellence – Research University” programme (IDUB)