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Meet UniWings Board Members!

Meet the board of UniWings!

The organization is composed of a diverse and multi talented body of students at UWr. It is headed by Tawanda, the president and Panajot as the vice president. Nadine is in charge of office duties and serves as the secretary with the aide of Aleksandra, her assistant. Samir is the treasurer looking after the finances. Myroslava is the head of communications department who takes care of the Instagram and other social medias with the help of Yaroslava. For various events that are planned and organised, Mikhael is the person responsible for organizing and managing the events. Abdul and Huzaifa contribute to the planned as well as future events as heads of Arts and Cultural exchange respectively. Neo is the assitant to Huzaifa. In addition to that Abdul also looks after the recruitment  to the board. We have a help desk dedicated to help out students with settling in or any other information about Wroclaw. Cihan heads the team behind the help desk. Lastly, Kaan the head of Marketing and PR works collectively with communications team as well as event management team to promote them.

A short bio with an introduction will be posted in the coming days so that you can know the board members better. :)

Published by: Abdul Ahad Rehmani

28 Feb 2019

last modification: 28 Feb 2019