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Meet us online and ask about recruitment

Graduates and teachers! The recruitment process for the University of Wrocław is coming and the amount of questions we get from candidates increases day by day! We can’t meet you in your schools or at educational conventions, but we can offer you recruitment meetings through Teams! We’re waiting for your applications.

Every six weeks we’ve been meeting you at educational conventions and expos organized by Perspektywy in various different Polish cities. Our colorful booth usually visits Poznań, Warszawa, Rzeszów, Lublin, Gdańsk, Kraków, Wrocław and many others cities. We also come to your schools, like those in Kłodzko, Bolesławiec, Legnica, Trzebnica, Oleśnica or Kamienna Góra, where we present our offer and get into the more complicated elements of the recruitment procedure, attempt to explain the Internet Candidate Recruitment System and chat about Wrocław in general. Because, you know, it’s a great place to study! We love these meetings, which is why we are devastated that because of the pandemic, we can’t meet with you this year. However! Not everything is lost!

We realize that the summer recruitment for the University of Wrocław is coming very soon which is why you have more and more doubts and questions. That’s why we’ve decided to meet you during your school lessons! Weather through Teams or any other platform you find most convenient, we can meet with you during your homerooms or any other free classes. We can show you our University’s offer, tell you which majors are the most popular ones (an which are the least), explain which documents you’d need, how we calculate the results of your matura exams into recruitment points, talk about scholarships, Erasmus or MOST trips, share some helpful advice, explain why you shouldn’t be too worried about the points from previous years and share some thoughts on why this year’s ‘simplified’ matura exam won’t have an effect on our recruitment process! You’ll get to ask us any question connected with recruitment! The more questions, the better!

The lesson offer goes especially to students who will be attempting the matura exam this year, but also to any high school students (both liceum and technikum) all around Poland.

How do I apply to attend a meeting? Just email us at! We will certainly find a convenient date together. The meeting will be hosted by our experts from the Wrocław University International Office.

You will also find all necessary information at

Published by: Tomasz Sikora

17 Feb 2021

last modification: 17 Feb 2021