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During the previous recruitment at the University of Wroclaw, a registration record was broken – as many as 31,000 applied to study at the university! That is 4000 applications more than last year’s recruitment, when we registered 27,000 applicants in our system. The most popular field of study, both in number of candidates enrolled for one place and the number of enrolled candidates, was psychology (full-time master’s degree studies). As many as 30 candidates applied for one place on the course, overall, 3008 applicants registered.

If you are curious about how popular a certain field of study is, for which you want to enrol, see the 2020/2021 recruitment ranking of full-time and long-cycle master’s programs.

The number of people per place:

– Psychology 30

– Communication Management 19.3

– Korean Studies 15

– Genetics and Experiment Biology 12.25

– English Studies 12

– Forensic Chemistry and Toxicology 11.8

– Spanish Philology 11.6

– Journalism and Social Communications 10.9

– Italian Studies 10.8

– Economics 9.7

– Law 9.5

– Tourism 7.9

– Sinology 7.1

– Pre-school and Early Education 6.7

– Spatial Management 6.5

– Microbiology 6

– Computer Science 5.5

– Human Biology 5.3

The number of candidates:

– Psychology 3008

– Law 1905

– Communication Management 1546

– Economics 1458

– Journalism and Social Communications 989

– English Studies 966

– Computer Science 878

– Genetics and Experimental Biology 735

– Spanish Philology 699

– Administration Studies 637

– Forensic Chemistry and Toxicology 567

– Korean Studies 525

– Mathematics 501

We would like to remind you that there are as many as 100 fields of study at the University of Wroclaw. This means the vast majority of studies are quite east, or even very easy to enter. Therefore, never give up recruiting for the facility of your choice, even if you did not do too well. During the recruitment process, a lot of people who qualified for a given field of study gave up submitting documents because they got somewhere else ( a different field of study or to a different university). Never give up recruiting, even the difficult courses can be entered from the second or third rounds of recruitment. However, we would like to remind you that In order to be considered in the second or third round of recruitment, you must register in the first round for the given course! A good example is psychology, which was our most popular field of study last year. Although, there was over 30 candidates for one place, we still carried out 2nd and 3rd recruitment rounds! Never give up on your dream course and dreams!