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New members of the Wrocław University Council have been elected. Important and significant figures from the scientific and business community will indicate the direction of development of the University of Wroclaw for the next years.

On 29 December 2020, during its session, the Senate of the University of Wrocław elected the new Council of the University of Wrocław for the term 2021-2024.

The Council of the University of Wrocław will be composed of the following members of the academic community: Beata Miazga, PhD, Eng, Professor UWr (Institute of Archaeology), Prof. dr hab. Bogusław Pawłowski (Department of Human Biology), Piotr Sorokowski, PhD, Professor UWr (Institute of Psychology), Prof. dr hab. Jolanta Zakrzewska-Czerwińska, (Department of Molecular Microbiology). Patryk Korolko also became a member of the Council, as Chairman of the Students’ Self-government of the University of Warsaw.

From outside the University, members of the Council were elected: Krzysztof Domarecki, Dr. Rafał Dutkiewicz, Wojciech Hann and Krzysztof Przybylski.

The Council, apart from the Rector and the Senate, is the most important body of the University. Its tasks include providing an opinion on the strategy of the university and a report on its implementation, giving an opinion on the draft statute, monitoring the management of the university, and pointing out candidates for the rector. The Council also monitors the financial management of the university.

Published by: Tomasz Sikora

6 Jan 2021

last modification: 6 Jan 2021