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New NMR spectrometer at the Faculty of Chemistry

Faculty of Chemistry of Wroclaw University has a new NMR spectrometer – Nuclear Magnetic Resonance JNM-ECZR 500 MHz by Jeol. As emphasized by scientists, it is the most modern technology with a huge range of measurement capabilities. The purchase of the equipment was possible thanks to the competition for scientific and research equipment funding from the Research Equipment Fund within the Excellence Initiative – Research University program.

The apparatus is equipped with 3 measuring heads. Royal HFX for measurements of liquid samples, its unusual advantage is the possibility of simultaneous decoupling on the X channel of both proton and fluorine. Measurements of 13C{1H,19F}, HOESY 19F-13C will definitely facilitate the analysis of obtained compounds. The liquid nitrogen cooled cryoprobe is an advanced and specialized probe for measuring liquid samples. This probe features a 2-fold increase in sensitivity for 1H measurements and a 3-fold increase in sensitivity for the X channel (13C, 15N, 31P, 29Si, etc.) compared to a standard probe. Hence, it is ideally suited for situations where very small amounts of a compound are available or the compounds are of low stability. The third probe, HXMAS (magic angle spinning), is used to measure solid samples, insoluble compounds and polymers and allows the identification of polymorphic variants of crystals. Additionally, the use of CP (cross-polarization) technique allows to obtain much faster measurement results for low-sensitivity nuclei, e.g. 15N.

More about the Initiative for Excellence – Research University HERE.

Translated by Agnieszka Borgul (student of English Studies at the University of Wrocław) as part of the translation practice.

Published by: Maria Kozan

13 Jan 2022

last modification: 13 Jan 2022