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New rectoral authorities of the University of Wrocław

On 14 June at 11:00, the rectorship was officially handed over to the new rector of the University of Wrocław. We present the profiles of the new rector and vice-rectors. 

Rector – prof. dr hab. Robert Olkiewicz

Polish physicist specialising in mathematical methods of physics, mathematical foundations of statistical models and open quantum systems; academic teacher associated with the University of Wrocław.

He was born in 1962 in Wrocław. After successfully passing his matriculation exams in 1982, he took up physics studies at the University of Wrocław, graduating with honours in 1987. He then went on to pursue doctoral studies in mathematics at the Institute of Mathematics of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw. He received the degree of Doctor of Mathematics in the field of mathematics with specialization in the application of mathematics in 1992 on the basis of the thesis entitled „Matematyczne konstrukcje związane z fazą Berriego” (“Mathematical constructions related to the Berri phase”), whose supervisor was prof. Arkadiusz Jadczyk. After his doctorate he worked at his alma mater in the Institute of Theoretical Physics as an assistant professor. In 1998 he received the award of the Minister of National Education for scientific achievements. In 2000, the Council of the Faculty of Physics and Astronomy of the University of Warsaw conferred on him the academic degree of doctor habilitatus in physics with specialisation in mathematical physics on the basis of the thesis entitled „Klasyczne i kwantowe półgrupy dynamiczne w opisie ewolucji układów fizycznych” (“Classical and quantum dynamical semigroups in the description of the evolution of physical systems”). Shortly afterwards, in 2004, he was appointed associate professor, and four years later full professor. In the same year he was awarded the title of Professor of Physical Sciences by the President of Poland. He did a research internship at Imperial College in London and was a fellow of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation at Bielefeld University.

In addition to his scientific and teaching activities at his alma mater, he held a number of important organisational positions. In the years 2001-2005 he headed the Department of Mathematical Methods at the Institute of Theoretical Physics of the University of Wrocław, in the term 2005-2008 he was the director of this institute, and in the years 2008-2012 he was Dean of the Faculty of Physics and Astronomy of the University of Wrocław. He was head and principal investigator of several grants from the Committee for Scientific Research, organiser of two Theoretical Physics Winter Schools, the 21st Max Born Symposium and in 2011 chairman of the organising committee of the “Asia – Europe Physics Summit”. He was elected Vice-Rector for general affairs of the University of Wrocław in 2012 and Director of Technology in the 2016-2020 term. He is currently Director of the Institute of Theoretical Physics.

Robert Olkiewicz

Vice-Rector for research – dr hab. Artur Błażejewski, prof. UWr

Born in 1967, graduate of the 13th High School. Between 1986 and 1991 he studied archaeology at the University of Wrocław. From 1989 to 1991 he was a technical worker at the Archaeological Expedition of the University of Wroclaw in Novae (Bulgaria).

In 1991-1995, he was a doctoral student at the Silesian Studies Department of the University of Silesia, and defended his doctoral thesis entitled „Obrządek pogrzebowy Kultury przeworskiej na Śląsku” (“Funerary rites of the Przeworsk Culture in Silesia”), written under the supervision of prof. dr. hab. Stanisław Pazda in 1996. In 1995-1996, he was an assistant at the Archaeological Department of the Regional Museum in Środa Śląska. From 1996 he was an assistant professor at the Institute of Archaeology of the University of Wrocław. In 2000, he was a guest professor at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales in Paris (Marseille Branch). In 2007 he habilitated on the basis of his dissertation entitled „Kultura przeworska a reńsko-wezerska strefa kulturowa” (“Przeworsk culture and the Rhine-Weserian cultural zone”), and since 2010 he has been working as a professor at the University of Wrocław.

He is the supervisor of approximately 60 bachelor’s theses, 70 master’s theses and 5 doctoral theses; author and co-author of 120 scientific papers, including 5 books, published nationally and internationally.

He was Director of the Institute of Archaeology Uwr from 2012 to 2016, has been a Senator Uwr since 2016, and Dean of the Faculty of Historical and Pedagogical Sciences since 2020. He has been a corresponding member of the Deutsches Archäologisches Institut since 2014. He is also Vice-President of the Board of the Scientific Association of Polish Archaeologists.

Artur Błażejewski

Vice-Rector for teaching – dr hab. Łukasz Machaj, prof. UWr

Lawyer, since 2005 employee of the Chair of Political and Legal Doctrines at the Faculty of Law, Administration and Economics. His research interests focus primarily on analyses of how various philosophical, political, social or economic ideas are translated into concrete legislative solutions. Author of almost one hundred scientific publications, devoted in particular to the issues of freedom of speech, Polish political thought and constitutional judiciary in the United States. From 2016 to 2022, WPAE Vice-Dean for Quality of Education (from 2020 also for Quality Evaluation of Academic Activities). A supporter of the traditional university model, combining scientific excellence with quality education.

Privately, a sports fan, especially basketball (still a bit active!); an avid reader and viewer of all kinds of detective stories and thrillers; a fan of music both good and a bit worse.

Łukasz Machaj

Vice-Rector for projects and international relations – dr hab. Patrycja Matusz, prof. UWr

For most of her life she was associated with the University of Wrocław. From 1996 to 2000 she studied Dutch and German studies. From 2016 to 2020, she served as Vice-Dean for student affairs and development at WNS UWr, and since 2020 she has been Vice-Rector for projects and international relations. His research interests include international migration, migration management, immigrant integration and intercultural education; he leads two projects funded by Horizon 2020.

Thanks to prof. Matusz’s activities, the University of Wrocław is a member of the ArQus alliance and has strengthened its cooperation with the partners of the InclusU network; prof. Matusz has also led to the signing of a letter of intent to cooperate with the Wrocław University of Science and Technology in order to jointly work towards internationalisation.

Prof. Matusz also cooperates with the Council of Europe, the European Commission, local and regional government.

Patrycja Matusz

Vice-Chancellor for finance and development – prof. dr hab. Robert Wieczorek

Professor of chemical sciences, born in 1971. He has always dared to dream. His professional life was associated with the University of Wrocław. At the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry of UWr, he undertook his studies and obtained the professional title of Master (1995) and further scientific degrees: doctor (2000) and doctor habilitatus (2009); on the basis of his scientific achievements, the President of the Republic of Poland granted him the title of professor in 2019. Prof. Wieczorek gained his scientific experience in the Team of Theoretical Modelling of Chemical Processes under the friendly eye of prof. Zdzisław Latajka (rector of UWr in 2002-2005), mastering the difficult art of understanding the world on a micro scale using computational methods of quantum chemistry. He has held a post-doctoral fellowship at New York’s Hunter College, and has been hosted for short research stays at the Sorbonne and as a visiting professor at the University of Provence and New York University (Hunter College). He is a highly regarded lecturer in areas at the interface of chemistry and computer science.

In his private life, Robert Wieczorek fulfils himself as a husband and father of three daughters, Marek Grechuta and Georges Brassens enthusiast, which does not exclude his interest in constructing electronic devices.

Robert Wieczorek

Published by: Maria Kozan

14 Jun 2022

last modification: 22 Jun 2022