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Wrocław is a meeting place of culture and science. Taking advantage of the opportunities created by this special place, we want to give students a chance to develop, and go out to them. We closely co-operate with NGOs and cultural institutions. Together with the Children’s University Foundation we organise workshops for the youngest, thanks to the Foundation of Wrocław Mathematicians we support talented youth. We showcase our treasures during Museum Night, and in co-operation with New Horizons Cinema we undertake innovative projects.

The consecutive semesters of the Film Academy – History of World Cinema and the Polish Film Academy have always been popular among all our student groups. UWr recognises such activities as extracurricular subjects and awards them with ECTS points. The scientific tutor of both academies is dr Małgorzata Kozubek from the Faculty of Historical and Pedagogical Sciences. During classes the students meet experts in Polish and world cinema, who first present and analyse selected topics, and afterwards invite the audience for a screening.

Once a year, on the magical Long Night of Museums, three University Museums: Museum of the University of Wrocław, Mineralogical Museum, and Geological Museum open its door for all art lovers. The most interesting events are workshops for children, gem, rock, meteorite and fossil trade show, gem cutting demonstration, and in the Geological Museum children can make casts of animal fossils from millions of years ago. Art enthusiasts can marvel at frescoes in Oratorium Marianum and learn about how they were created.

The Foundation of Wrocław Mathematicians, established by prof. Tomasz Rolski from UWr Mathematical Institute, has been thriving since 2007. The Foundation awards grants to gifted students of secondary schools and mathematical sciences, as well as young academics working in mathematics. The members support mathematical clubs at schools and provide training for teachers. Students may also go to science camps and take part in mathematical competitions.

The greatest fun for kids is Children’s University. It’s the oldest initiative of this sort in Poland. The majority of classes in Wrocław take place at our University. Learning cycle is divided into four programmes: Discovery (6-7-year-olds), Inspirations (8-9-year-olds), Topics (10-11-years-old), Master and Apprentice (12-14-year-olds). Children learn, among other things, how to reproduce the Earth on a piece of paper, how modern factories operate, and why currency exchange rates fluctuate. Lectures and workshops help them to explore and understand the world. The young students work just as researchers do – they put forward a hypothesis and while testing it, they find answers to their own questions. 1400 children attend classes in Wrocław.