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University Clinical Hospital at Curie-Skłodowska Street will vaccinate academic teachers of the University of Wrocław, doctoral students conducting courses with students, and persons teaching students on the basis of civil law contracts.

Vaccination against COVID-19 for: academic teachers, doctoral students conducting courses with students, persons teaching students on the basis of civil law contracts, will be carried out by:

Uniwersytetecki Szpital Kliniczny im. Jana Mikulicza-Radeckiego ul. Skłodowskiej-Curie 50-5250-369 Wrocław.

Due to the above, the Rector has established days off classes on the following dates:

28 February 2021 (Sunday),

2 March 2021 (Tuesday),

5 March 2021 (Friday),

6 March 2021 (Saturday).

We would like to remind you that it is not possible to change the date of vaccination or the place of its realisation. The confirmation of your eligibility for COVID-19 vaccination is a generated referral which you will find on your Individual Patient Account available at

Vaccinations will be carried out in the alphabetical order of qualified persons, and information about the date and time of vaccination (first and second dose) will be sent by SMS and e-mail to the telephone number and e-mail address given in the registration form.

At the hospital, you will need to bring your identity card and a completed form (forms are also available at the hospital), but it is much better to have them with you – you can print them from the attachment below this text). You will first be referred on site for a medical qualification. It is a good idea to have a list of the medicines that you take continuously and show it to the doctor. If the doctor finds no contraindications, he/she will send you to the treatment room for vaccination. It is a good idea to dress in a way that makes it easier for the nurse to reach your right and left forearm.

After the vaccination, you will be given a card with the vaccine and the date of the second dose. After the vaccination, you must wait in the hospital in a specially designated place for at least 15 minutes.

If you feel well and have not had any worrying reactions, you can leave the hospital. For further information, contact the Health and Safety at Work and Fire Protection Department, telephone 71-375-24-89.

Published by: Tomasz Sikora

1 Dec 2020

last modification: 27 Feb 2021