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‘Ocean of Code’ is a name of a programming competition in the field of artificial intelligence, which took place on CodinGame platform. In the contest, participants had to write programmes that competed against programmes written by other participants in a game proposed by the organisers. The idea was taken from a strategic board game ‘Captain Sonar.’ The goal of each programme was to manoeuvre a submarine in such a way that it attacked other submarines while remaining invisible to them at the same time. Contestants representing the University of Wroclaw took first place in this competition.

The organisers allowed working in many different programming languages. After having completed next version of their programme, each contestant could test it against other contestants’ programmes. The competition lasted for a month. During this time, the participants could put into practice plenty of their ideas.

That sort of events are an excellent opportunity, both for professionals and beginners, to master one’s knowledge of AI methods. Seven thousand contestants from businesses and academic institutions took part in the tournament, including our students, PhD students and staff, thanks to whom the University of Wroclaw took first place:

The classification was based on the results of the top 5 representatives from an institution.

Participation in the ‘Ocean of Code’ contest was one of the activities that gave points in AI, that is being taught at the Institute of  Computer Science. During an open day at the institute, Dr Jakub Kowalski, who teaches AI for games, talked about the contest, about how to begin one’s journey with programming AI for games, and about the UWr offer. His lecture is available on YouTube (in Polish).

If you are interested, you can try your luck on the contest’s website. Organisers want to invite you to the next round of the tournament, which is based on the popular Pac-Man game.

Published by: Dariusz Tomaszczyk

18 May 2020

last modification: 23 Jun 2020