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The University of Wrocław has established co-operation with many prestigious academic centres worldwide.

This gives the students opportunity to pursue education in all corners of the world and run international research projects, and for doctoral students and academic staff opens the chance for a scientific visit at a partner university. UWr has concluded agreements with its counterparts from 26 countries from all around the world, such as the US, China, Japan, France, Spain, Russia, and Peru, which amounts to a total number of nearly 800 such documents. Each year nearly 800 of our students go abroad.

The University is known for its hospitality for youth from all around the world. We currently teach nearly 900 foreign students. All academic degrees awarded by UWr are recognised worldwide, and curricula have been approved by the national system of quality assessment. Each faculty offers at least one master’s degree programme and several bachelor’s degree programmes in English, and doctoral students can freely explore any area of their interest in English.


Co-operation with Domestic Higher Schools
Wrocław Centre for Biotechnology (WCB)