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Co-operation with Domestic Higher Schools

MOST programme allows UWr students and doctoral students to spend a semester or an academic year at one of twenty Polish universities. It has been immensely popular since its beginning in 1999. The programme is coordinated by the University Accreditation Commission, acting on instructions of the Conference of Rectors of Polish Universities.

Participation in the programme is free and independent from a form of studies pursued.

Jagiellonian University, Warsaw University, University of Wrocław, Adam Mickiewicz University and Gdańsk University enjoy particular popularity. The majority of UWr students participating in MOST come from the fields of journalism, psychology, and law.

The programme allows them to follow their curriculum at another university, select additional subjects according to their interests, carry out research for seminar or master’s paper or dissertation, and establish contact with a new academic community.

Registration for winter semester or winter and summer semester jointly (entire academic year) lasts from 15th April to 15th May, and registration for summer semester – from 30th October to 30th November.

Recruitment for MOST at the University of Wrocław is the task of the Educational Department.

Educational Department
pl. Uniwersytecki 1 (main building), room no. 238
50-137 Wrocław
phone +48 71 343 01 43, +48 71 375 22 37, +48 71 375 22 55
fax +48 71 343 67 12