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Physical education courses in the winter semester

Dear Students, physical education courses in the winter semester of the academic year 2021/22 will be held on a stationary campus. You can sign up for physical education classes online via the enrolment system from 1-5 October 2021. Students will be able to cancel their enrolment or sign up for available places during the enrolment correction period, that is 20-24 October 2021.

First-year students will be able to sign up for physical education courses only during the enrolment adjustment period of 20-24 October.

Foreign students, apart from the registration at the beginning of October, can also sign up on 6-7 October for classes given in English. Please note that there are only 80 places available, so it is advisable to sign up on 1st-5th October. If someone signs up first for courses in Polish and then later for English classes – the system will remove such person from  courses in Polish.

Students who have a year-long medical release or for the whole study time have to take part in theoretical classes. You can sign up for these classes at the office of the University Centre for Physical Education and Sport (Przesmyckiego 10 Street, room B, from 28 September to 18 October 2021. To sign up for such classes – you need to provide a medical release form.

Students who have trained in clubs and sports associations are welcome to join the University’s sports sections. You will be able to continue training and represent the University at sports competitions. Students of all types of studies and PhD students of all years can participate in the trainings – even the first year!  Enrolment in sports sections is conducted by the section coaches (dates and place of trainings are available at

If you have any questions, feel free to write to: or directly to the teachers

Best regards and see you during classes!

Published by: Agata Mitek

28 Sep 2021

last modification: 28 Sep 2021