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“Podcast HeHemiczny” was created by Adrian, a recent graduate of the Faculty of Chemistry of UWr, and Patryk, a 3rd-year student of forensic chemistry and toxicology.

Together, they form “A (mostly) popular science podcast”. They talk about scientific subjects, focusing on fields related to chemistry, technology, neurosciences, and toxicology – those are the subjects they know best, and which interest them. They like to talk and exhaust the subject, so episodes are usually 1,5-2,5 hours long. And all of this without unnecessary seriousness, and with lots of humour – hence the “HeHe” in the name. New episodes are uploaded every other Monday at 6 AM, ensuring you have a good start of the new week, and enjoy your morning coffee or commute to work.

You can listen to “Podcast HeHemiczny” on YT and Spotify, as well as the UWr page dedicated to scientific podcasts.

Published by: Tomasz Sikora

19 Nov 2020

last modification: 19 Nov 2020