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The Michalina Wisłocka Scientific Circle of Sexology invites you to Pride Week , which will be held online on May 24-29. Lectures and workshops on equality will be conducted by our specialists and other specialists from all over Poland.

The Equality Week is a university event, which the Michalina Wislocka Scientific Circle of Sexology has organised since 2019. Workshops and lectures on the topic of equality are held by a group of people which were invited by the Scientific Circle members. This year, Pride Week will be held virtually, which gives us the opportunity to welcome more people to our workshops. Moreover, this year’s edition by the member of the club as an advantage, people from all over Poland responded to the invitation!

Pride week is a time to tackles that are interesting, important and needed, we will take this opportunity to discuss equality and diversity. Participants will have the chance to gain knowledge, broaden their horizons, and learn how to create an inclusive world around them. Participation in the event is free and available to everyone! Just join the live stream on Facebook.


– 24.05 7:00PM – “Sexual, Gender and Relational Diversity”- Dr hab. Grzegorz Iniewicz, prof. Of the Jagiellonian University.

– 25.05 5:00PM – “Counteracting Discrimination at the University”- Dr. Łukasz Prus

– 25.05 7:00PM – “Feminist Therapy”- Diana Krzyżanowska, M. A.

– 26.05 4:00PM – “How to Support Transgender Children and Youth”- Alina Synakiewicz and Julia Kata

– 27.05 4:30PM – “The Standards of Psychologyical Work with the LGBT Commmunity” – Dr. Agnieszka Nomejko

– 27.05 7:00PM – “Bisexuality: the Truths and the Myths”- Agnieszka ,,Pixie’’ Frączek, MA

– 28.05 4:00PM – “Asexuality”- Anna Niemczyk, M. A.

– 28.05 7:00PM- “About the President, What the President Used to Be – History of Feminatives”- Martyna Zachorska, M. A.

– 29.05 11:00AM- “Workshops on Inclusive Language”- Adrianna Jołkiewicz and Dominika Kotschy (REGISTRATION is required for this event.)


– Dr hab. Grzegorz Iniewicz, prof. Of the Jagiellonian University: Psychologist, sexologist, professor at the Department of Clinical Psychology of the Institute of Psychology of the Jagiellonian University. He is a certified psychotherapist supervisor of the Polish Psychiatric Association. He is the author of several dozen publications in the field of clinical psychology, psychotherapy and sexology.

– Dr. Łukasz Prus: Doctor of Juristic Science, specialising in comparative constitutional law, administrative law, EU law and equality procedures. He is also an attorney, who provides legal assistance, in particular to victims of violence. He is also a trainer in the field of mobbing. Since February 2020, he has been the Ombudsman for equal treatment and counteracting discrimination at the University of Wroclaw.

– Diana Krzyzanowska, M. A. :Psychologist, who graduated in psychology from SWPS University in Warsaw, specialising in clinical psychology, health and development. She is interested in the psychology of love and intimate relationships and related decisions about fertility or childlessness. She supports people with an experience of abortion, miscarriage or trying for a child, as well as intentionally childless and thus experiencing stigma. It also helps women who regret their decision to motherhood. She specializes in helping transgender and asexual people. Supports people who are thinking about coming out and are about to undergo a gender reassignment process.

– Julia Kata: Psychologist, member of the Trans-Fuzja Foundation. She has been working alongside Trans-Fuzja for 10 years (currently as a Senior Executive Manager and a board member). Julia is activist, working here in Poland and in the European region. In 2017-2018 she was a board member of IGLYO. For almost 6 years, she co-led a transgender support group in Warsaw. She conducts workshops and lectures in the field of transgenderism, She’s one of the coaches at the First Intersex Youth Network Meeting. Finally, she is one of the authors of “Overdiagnosed but Underserved Trans Health Survey” by TGEU.

– Alina Synakiewicz: Sex educator, psychosocial skills trainer, member of the Trans-Fuzja Foundation. She deals with sexual and anti0discrimination education for children, adolescents, and adults. She is associated with ‘Grupa Edukatorów Seksualnych Ponton.’ Author and co-author of domestic violence self help books. Co-host of the radio program ‘Sekspress z Pontonem,’ devoted to sexual education and the rights of the LGBTQIA+ community. On the daily basis, she works at the Trans-Fuzja Foundation, where she coordinates psychological, legal and social support for transgender people and their relatives.

– Dr. Agnieszka Nomejko: Doctor of Social Science in the field of psychology, clinical sexologist, cognitive-behavioural psychotherapist. She is a researcher at the Clinical Psychology and Health at the Institute of Psychology at the University of Wroclaw. She is the author of scientific articles and the manager of research projects in the field of health psychology and sexology. She support the LGBT+ community. She is also the Scientific Supervisor of the Michalina Wislocka Scientific Society of Sexology

– Agnieszka ‘Pixie’ Fraczek: Therapist/Counsellor, graduate of the Krakow Gestalt Counseling Center. He focuses his work on the area of gender identity and relational and sexual non-normativity. He cooperates with the Poznan-based Stonewall Group, helping individuals from the LGBTQ+ and GSRD communities. She supports the Polish Sex Work Organisation, which work to de-stigmatize sex-work. He conducts workshops and webinars for ‘psychoterapeutów_tek,’teaching staff and medical communities to assist and support the LGBTQ+. He runs meeting group for bisexual and non-heteronormative 40+ women, and parents of LGBT children. She is passionate about queer history and culture, and explores the topic of menopause and its effects on queer females.

– Anna Niemczyk M. A. : Psychologist, educator, researcher, activist. She is the author of a book about Asexuality. She participates in conferences and discussion panels related to the topic of asexuality. She is also the author of articles, including scientific publications in the field of cognitive psychology, social communication , and psychoeducation. She co-runs a support group for people from the asexuality spectrum

in Warsaw and she is one of the people conducting workshops on asexuality for people dealing with aid activities.

– Martyna Zachorska, M. A. : PhD student in linguistics at the School of Language and Literature Sciences at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan. She is a translator (Bachelor’s degree) and conference interpreter (Master’s degree) of English. She received training in simultaneous translation at the European Parliament and the European Commission (Brussels). Winner of many translation competitions and the Great Dictation of Adam Mickiewicz University. Creator of the Instagram profile @ksiezniczkakazpierniczka, where she popularises knowledge in the field of linguistics and gender. She conducts English language courses for adults (Companies and individual students).

– The Michalina Wisłocka Scientific Circle of Sexology is works alongside the Institute of Psychology ae the University of Wroclaw. It consists of 50 members who study at various faculties. The circle has been operating since it’s reactivation in March 2019. Although the dominant field along the members is psychology, the ranks also include people interested in sexology, who happen to be studying in a different field. Dr, Agnieszka Nomejko and Dr. Chmielewska-Luczak are two examples of members who have studied at the institute of Psychology.

The group deal with topics related to sexology and sexual education, and speak on current affairs. Their belief is in equality for all (pride week is an example of their dedication).

Despite the pandemic, membership meetings are held regularly, once or twice a week. An important form of their activism is social media. Here is the link to their Facebook Page: , as well as their Instagram Page

Published by: Agata Kreska

19 May 2021

last modification: 19 May 2021