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In the middle of the week, the results of the Worldwide Professional University Ranking, RankPro, were published. According to the list the University of Wroclaw placed second right after the University of Warsaw. RankPro scores the elements that make up the level of education, which is the most important for our students.

Cambridge placed first, MIT second, Yale third and Oxford fourth. The University of Wroclaw placed 224th in Europe. Out of Polish universities, only University of Warsaw scored higher. On the global scale, the University of Warsaw placed 247th and the University of Wroclaw can be found in 441st place. Below, we have collected all Polish universities which made it to the RankPro’s top 1000 universities in the world.

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-What’s of significance to us is that, the University of Wroclaw, as well as other Polish academic institutions included in this ranking, have improved their positions. However, one must remember that it is not a typical ranking. For example, publications and citations are not taken into account at all. It focuses on data that makes up the quality of education. – says Professor, Eugeniusz Zych, Vice-Rector for Research at the University of Wroclaw.

In fact, RankPro does not take into account the number of citations and publications, but it is based on indicators attesting the level of education. Among other, these are the number of students in relation to the number of academic lecturers, the curriculum, the percentage of professors in relation to the entire staff, and even the number of Nobel laureates or the amount of library resources.

The University of Wroclaw is the only Research University in the south-west Poland. The development of scientific research supports our didactics, which has been noted in the ranking. We include our students in the research work as well. The University invites the best high school graduates from all over Poland. We have high scholarships for the laureates of Science Olympiads and for the candidates with the best Matura exam results. In the “Młody Badacz” [eng. young researcher] program, we allocate one million PLN to the best one hundred of first-year students.

– That is the kind of money we spend on the best. We want them to come to us and be able to start research work from the very first year. So that they do not have to support their student budget by working in a pizzeria. They can devote their time after classes to self-development. That’s why we have money for them. We started a year ago by attracting people from all over Poland to the University of Wroclaw. Now, we continue this program. – says Professor Dorota Nowak, Dean of the Department of Biotechnology, coordinator of the “Inicjatywa Doskonałości Uczelnia Badawcza” (IDUB) [eng. Initiative of Excellence Research University] program.

Additionally, the University of Wroclaw opens innovative faculties. For example, a comeback of one-cycle elite five-year studies. Only 20 candidates will be invited to the prestigious course in “Medical Molecular Biotechnology”. From the 4th semester, students will have their own individual tutors who will lead them during the studies.

-Of great importance is also the ratio of foreign students to the total number of students. Here, the University of Wroclaw, next to the University of Warsaw, has the best ratio in Poland. Indeed, we do have students from all over Europe – they are certainly attracted by Wroclaw, but also, according to the survey, by a good opinion about the university among foreign graduates. – describes Professor Patrycja Matusz, Vice-Rector for International Cooperation.

The RankPro ranking presents the real level of education at universities. It also shows the position in the world, which is an aspect that can be improved at the University of Wroclaw.

-That is why, as part of the Research University program, we include trips of our students abroad and inviting outstanding scientists to Wroclaw as “guest professors”. Covid inhibits us a bit here, but we

are trying to improve internationalization, at least, by organizing foreign online lectures. – says Professor Przemysław Wiszewski, Rector of the University of Wroclaw

There is one more factor on which the University is working intensively and which – as resulting from the RankPro ranking – needs to be improved. It is the so-called “international reputation”. What is behind all this?

-The reputation can be improved, among other things, by the higher number of scientific research by international cooperation (joint projects, publications, study programs with a double degree, etc.). The reputation ranking accounts for 25% of the overall RankPro ranking. If the University of Wroclaw were stronger in this field, its ranking position could improve by up to one hundred places. It is important that we continue to work on it and our position in this ranking is improving with each year. – says Patrycja Matusz, Vice-Rector.

For comparison, here are the results from the previous year:

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The entire ranking can be found on:

Published by: Aleksandra Draus

16 Mar 2021

last modification: 16 Mar 2021