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Two weeks left until the end of the school year for high school, twenty days until matura exams (aaaah!), and a little over a month until #uniwroc recruitment begins! The clocks are ticking, the stress is mounting, decisions are still to be made – what to do and how to live? We’re doing our best to make the difficult choices of majors easier, we’re doing our best to make sure that IRKA ( has only good associations for you and that there are no secrets regarding the rules of recruitment, specializations, or registration for studies. We invite you to watch the livestreams about the recruitment process and to ask questions in the recruitment help center, which, as in the previous years, works 24/7!

We’ve created a cool guide for you, we’re organizing Virtual Open Doors at departments and institutes, we’ve appeared in your schools for special lessons about recruitment (via Teams or Zoom, of course), and now Agata Sałamaj from the Communication Department, known to students and high school graduates as Ms. Snap, our special agent for recruitment, is launching a 24/7 recruitment help center on Instagram where you can ask questions about recruitment! Any questions you want! There are no stupid questions, sometimes they’re a bit funny… But you can expect answers to all of them, and I mean all of them! Leave your questions in the Instagram stories highlights, and if there are no highlights at the moment, write to the “pigeon hole”, that is in a private message!

“If I don’t pass math, can I recruit for a humanities major?”, “Can I bring my goldfish to the dorm?”, “What are the credit thresholds for cosmetology?”. You can ask literally anything! It can be funny, surprising, inspiring and, above all, creative. Ask about the number of people per place in the previous recruitment, what “parachute” courses to choose for your dream major, ask what subjects you have to pass to get into law, and which ones to get into economics, and how is it that they are the same? Ask about specializations within the majors, about the right time to choose them, about all those scary fields in IRKA – what to put there, why to put it there and why not to put in your matura exam results… Exactly – how is it that the recruitment process at the University of Wrocław starts on June 1st when the matura exam results this year are released on July 5th…? Ask yourself whether you should listen to your mother, your uncle or your heart when making this difficult decision about choosing a university and a major.

On Saturdays at 1 p.m. you can take part in live meetings with students of various UWr faculties. Recently Daria talked about Italian studies, Tatiana about pedagogy, Mateusz about law, Dominik about biotechnology, Alan about English studies, Dominik about sociology, Ola about microbiology, Daria about math and Monika about Polish studies! All the previous streams you can watch on IGTV at pani.snap. Also, this Saturday you can listen to one about social project management and in two weeks’ time to one about material culture heritage! It’s happening!


If you prefer traditional forms of contact, or if you don’t have an Instagram or Facebook account, then of course our Teaching Department is always on duty! If you have any questions, call us at 71 375 22 37, email us at, or send a carrier pigeon to the main building at Plac Uniwersytecki 1 (okay, maybe don’t do THAT).

Always remember two things: the recruitment website at – it’s an encyclopedia of recruitment knowledge, you’ll find everything and more there; and also that we always keep our fingers crossed for you and we very much hope to meet you on October 1 under our Swordsman at Plac Uniwersytecki!

See you at UWr!

Published by: Aleksandra Draus

27 Apr 2021

last modification: 27 Apr 2021