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We have published the 2022/2023 recruitment schedules! The most important dates are the start of registration in the IRK system on 1 June and the end of registration in the system for full-time first-cycle studies (bachelor’s) and long-cycle studies (master’s) on 7 July. So if you are this year’s high school graduate who want to take part in the recruitment process for the so-called full-time bachelor’s degree programmes, the most popular ones at our University, you have only TWO DAYS to register in the Internet Candidate Registration System at from the day your secondary school graduation results come out on 5 July. But remember that you can do it earlier! You can register in the system without the Matura exam results from 1 June, we will download the results from the National Matura Register when they are published by the Regional Examination Boards.

You should register for full-time first-cycle (bachelor’s) and long-cycle studies (master’s) fields of study by 7 July. Only those who have done so will be able to take part in any subsequent recruitment rounds – the second or third. Remember that if you don’t register for a particular field of study by 7 July, even if there are still vacancies after the first round, you will no longer be able to register in IRKA. That is why it is so important not to miss the date of 7 July.

It is also worth remembering about the registration fee, which is PLN 85 for one field of study – regardless of whether it is a full-time or part-time field of study, first or second cycle. If you register for the same field of study in different forms, e.g. full-time and part-time English studies, you have to pay the fee for both, i.e. 2×PLN 85.

For part-time studies of the first- and second-cycle and part-time second-cycle studies, recruitment lasts longer, even until September.

In order to check when exactly recruitment for your chosen major lasts, go to, choose your field of study and click on the „harmonogram” (“schedule”) tab.