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Recruitment for part-time studies – ranking

We have completed recruitment for full-time first degree and long- cycle master degree fields of study. Three rounds are behind us. Before we announce additional recruitment, we would like to encourage you to register for part-time studies. There, recruitment lasts longer, mostly until September with minor exceptions, e.g. registration for evening psychology ends on 3 August. Today, i.e. 27 July, we are publishing a ranking of the most popular part-time first and second degree fields of study.

1.CRIMINOLOGY, first-cycle extramural 501

2.PSYCHOLOGY, long-cycle master evening 436

3.LAW, long-cycle master extramural 303

4.ENGLISH STUDIES, first-cycle extramural 300

5.IMAGE COMMUNICATION, first-cycle extramural 274

6.ECONOMY, first-cycle extramural 181

7.JOURNALISM AND SOCIAL COMMUNICATION, first-cycle extramural 164

8.LAW, long-cycle master evening 141

9.PEDAGOGY, first-cycle extramural 127

10.ADMINISTRATION, first-cycle extramural 77

11.INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS, first-cycle extramural 77

12.NATIONAL SECURITY, first-cycle extramural 68

13.GERMAN STUDIES, first-cycle extramural 62

14.IMAGE COMMUNICATION, second-cycle extramural 57

15.HISTORY, first-cycle extramural 56

16.SOCIAL PROJECT MANAGEMENT, extramural studies 55

17.PRE-PRIMARY AND EARLY CHILDHOOD PEDAGOGY, long-cycle master extramural 50

18.LEGAL CRIMINOLOGY, second-cycle extramural 49

19.POLISH STUDIES, first-cycle extramural 48

20.DIGITAL AND NETWORK PUBLICATION, first-cycle extramural 45

Detailed schedules of recruitment for part-time studies, field of study descriptions, fees, documents required in the recruitment process, place limits can be found at

Questions concerning recruitment for part-time studies are answered by the Education Department at:

+48 71 375 22 37, 375 22 55.

Published by: Ewelina Kośmider

27 Jul 2022

last modification: 4 Aug 2022