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We make our best to ensure that the information about our University reaches you long before you make the decision on what and where you want to study.

We know that you want precise information, and we don’t just sit and wait for you to find us. We take part in education trade shows worldwide, organize information days to let you get to know us, and invite you to lectures, workshops, and education shows to give you an idea on how we operate day to day, using specific examples.

If you have questions regarding studies in English language, please write or call to International Office (Phone number: +48 71 375 28 77, +48 71 375 28 64, e-mail:

If you have any questions regarding studies in Polish language, please contact Educational Department (Phone number: +48 71 343 01 43, +48 71 375 22 37, e-mail:

The entire recruitment procedure is Internet-based. All you have to do is to register in one of our systems. This will allow us to send you all essential information about the consecutive steps of the procedure and of course about something which interests you the most – results of the recruitment.

IRK system

  • if you want to study in Polish language,
  • if you want to study in English language, but you hold Polish citizenship*
    *even if you hold multiple citizenships but Polish is one of them (e.g. in case of dual citizenship), then you are legally a Polish citizen and you must apply on the basis of rules for Polish nationals.

More details here:

IRC system

  • If you do not hold Polish citizenship and want to apply for studies in English Language
  • If you have a valid Polish Charter (Karta Polaka) or a valid long-term resident permit.

More details here: