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Regulation No. 29/2020 of the Rector of Wrocław University of March 11 2020

Pursuant to sec. 23 (1) and (2) of The Higher Education Act of July 20 2018 (Journal of Laws 2020, item 85 as amended) and in conjunction with The Extraordinary Solutions to Prevent and Counteract COVID-19 and Other Infectious Disease Crisis Situation Act (Journal of Laws 2020. Item 374), it is hereby ordered as follows:


  1. Any conferences and other events at Wrocław University are called off.
  2. Any international travel on Wrocław Univeristy business and the participation of University employees, doctoral, graduate and undergraduate students in conferences, seminars, domestic trainings, etc. is suspended.
  3. Any arrivals of international doctoral, graduate and undergraduate students and University guests are suspended.
  4. Checking in any new persons in the student halls and in Hotel Asystenta is suspended and no visits of non-residents in these facilities are allowed.
  5. The regulations set out in 1-4 above will stay in force until April 30 2020 including that day.
  6. All Wrocław University election procedures will proceed as scheduled except §6.


  1. Any lectures and classes for undergraduate, graduate, post graduate and doctoral students, participants of other forms of education and school students are called off except distance learning. The organization of the academic year may change.
  2. The deans of faculties and heads of interfaculty units will publish lists of lectures and classes to be taught in the distance learning mode as soon as possible but not later than on March 18 2020.
  3. Any direct office hours for students are called off. Office hours are to be held by phone or e-mail.
  4. The following facilities are closed:
  5. University Library,
  6. Reading rooms of all faculty libraries,
  7. reading room of the Wrocław University Archive,
  8. Wrocław University museums.
  9. The regulations set out in 1-4 above will stay in force until April 14 2020 including that day.
  10. Any contracts with non-faculty members to teach classes may be amended if needed.


  1. Direct contact with other employees at work is to be minimized.
  2. Communication is recommended to be maintained via phone and e-mail.
  3. Paper based correspondence is to be distributed via University Secretariat and collected from it after verifying by phone that it is available.


  1. All employees are to immediately inform their direct superiors of any suspicion of any condition caused by the SARS-Cov-2 virus.
  2. All employees who have stayed abroad are to inform their direct superiors of the location at which they stayed abroad immediately on returning to Poland.
  3. The information referred to in 1 and 2 above is to be provided to the direct superior by phone or e-mail.
  4. The direct superior is to forward any such information to Human Resources Division.
  5. The head of any Wrocław University organizational unit may direct any employees to:

1).   work, for a limited time, under contract of employment, away from the location in which they work on a regular basis, which is referred to below as the work at home mode, and the period of time of working in that mode may not be longer than 14 calendar days at any given time;

2).   take any necessary steps to rule out a SARS-Cov-2 virus infection.

  1. The direction referred to in clause 5 above may be given in particular if:

1).   the employee stayed earlier in regions where SARS-Cov-2 virus is found, including returns from any travel abroad;

2).   the condition of the employee deteriorates in a manner typical for the symptoms of SARS-Cov-2 virus infection;

3).   any suspicion that the employee has been infected with the SARS-Cov-2 virus by a person who is ill or suspected of infecting with the SARS-Cov-2 virus

and in any other cases identified in the notices of Poland’s Chief Sanitary Inspector.

  1. The head of any Wroclaw University unit is required to:

1).  follow daily the notices published by Poland’s Chief Sanitary Inspector;

2).   stay in touch with any employees working in the work at home mode and supervise the effects of their work.

  1. The duties referred to in clauses 1 and 2 above apply also to doctoral, graduate and undergraduate students. Any relevant information is to be forwarded via e-mail to the heads of dean’s offices.


  1. All Wroclaw University employees, doctoral, post-graduate, graduate and undergraduate students are to follow notices on the current epidemiological situation on a regular basis.
  2. Any urgent cases are to be reported to direct superiors or Wrocław University Department of Work Safety and Fire Protection (71 3752 24 89, 713752 29 22).


The heads of all Wrocław University organizational units and chairs of collegial bodies and committees are to organize their work so as to take any necessary steps to prevent the spread of the SARS-Cov-2 virus.

The regulation is effective as of the day it is signed and will remain in force until it is revoked.

Prof. dr hab. Adam Jezierski


Published by: Małgorzata Jurkiewicz

12 Mar 2020

last modification: 12 Mar 2020