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THE CENTRE FOR COGNITIVE RESEARCH ON LANGUAGE AND COMMUNICATION organises scientific meetings such as seminars and workshops

The following conferences took place in 2019: the seminar “Temporal Experience / Experiencing Time” (28 November 2019) and Yanna Popova’s lecture “Jerzy Grotowski’s Theatre, Acting, and Enacting the Lived Body” (29 November 2019). In 2020 we organised a meeting with Maria Maćkowiak from the Medical University, where she presented a paper “Understanding Dementia in Poland. A lexical-semantic analysis”, and in early 2021 a lecture by Neil Cohn “Reimagining the language faculty: A multimodal model of language”. The next meeting, at which Grzegorz Drożdż will give the lecture “Point of view and point of reference as perceptual bases of temporal and aspectual constructions in English”, will take place on 28 May at 16.00 on the Teams platform. More information about the meetings can be found below.