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The project “University of Wroclaw – a fully accessible university by 2023” is co-financed by the European Union from the ESF funds under the Operational Programme “Knowledge Education Development”, Priority Axis No. 3 “Higher education for the economy and development”, Measure 3.5 “Comprehensive university programmes”.

The project has been implemented since 01/01/2020 as part of the Accessible University competition and concerns activities aimed at eliminating barriers to the access of students and doctoral students with disabilities to higher education.

Implementation period: January 01, 2020 – October 31, 2023

Project value: PLN 3,421,976.80

Co-financing of the project from the EU: PLN 2,884,042.05

Own contribution: PLN 104,600.00

The main goal of the project is to achieve, by 2023, a significant increase in the availability of higher education at the University of Wrocław for students and doctoral students with disabilities by implementing organizational changes and raising the awareness of university staff in the field of disabilities, which will allow to eliminate barriers and improve access of people with disabilities to higher education.

Tasks carried out under the project:

  1. Staff competences – training and courses increasing the awareness of disability (10 types – including training in contact with students with autism spectrum disorders, in the field of techniques and tools for teaching foreign languages to people with disabilities, in the rules of conduct in the case of people in crisis psychological, sign language courses and others);
  2. Organizational activities to support people with disabilities (implementation of 5 procedures for organizational changes);
  3. Supervision for research and teaching staff and specialist consultations in the field of organizational support and assessment of educational needs of candidates, students and doctoral students with disabilities;
  4. Eliminating architectural barriers – marking of UWr facilities in Braille, QR codes – which will be supported by applications that can be installed by people with disabilities in their phones. Renovation of the toilet for the disabled on the ground floor of the building at Kuźnicza Street 49/55 in Wrocław, at the seat of the Team for Supporting Students and Doctoral Students with Disabilities;
  5. The use of technologies supporting didactic processes (purchase of specialized equipment for the needs of activities carried out by ZOSDN), the purchase of specialized equipment for computer workstations adapted to the needs of people with disabilities, which will be created in laboratories at 6 Faculties, the creation of the Virtual Laboratory of Assistive Technologies and related to the above-mentioned increasing access to the wireless network at the University of Wrocław.

The target group of these activities is a total of 125 people (88 women and 37 women), including teaching, administrative and management staff. The university, which will increase its accessibility for people with disabilities, is also an important Beneficiary.

The activities planned in the project will lead to the achievement of the university model available according to the MIDI path.

Office of International Projects UWr

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tel. +48 71 324 60 25