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Domestic Financing

The Scientific Research Department [Dział Badań Naukowych (DBN)] deals with organising research and the development of scientific staff, and reports directly to the Vice-Rector for Science.

The Department’s tasks include, among others, co-ordinating activities relating to applying for funding for scientific research conducted under research programmes and research networks financed from domestic sources, programmes and agreements financed from off-budget funds, and executing tasks connected to dissemination and promotion of scientific research (including conferences).

The Scientific Research Department provides assistance in project preparation and implementation through:

  • providing information about application opportunities, competitions, deadlines, rules etc. through the University’s website (Announcements tab) and the Department’s profile on Facebook and Twitter;
  • helping an applicant prepare required project documentation;
  • verifying eligibility and financial corectness of a prepared application through, among others, verifying project budget in terms of cost eligibility and calculated indirect costs;
  • obtaining the signatures of the Rector and Bursar required an application and its timely dispatch to the unit organising the competition;
  • monitoring an application’s assessment procedure and informing its applicant and the University’s authorities about the current stage of its processing;
  • handling correspondence with relevant external institutions and making corrections in applications regarding formal irregularities as well as providing explanations upon the institutions’ request;
  • passing substantive comments of external institutions regarding an application to its author;
  • informing an applicant about decisions, assisting in preparing and dispatching requests for a review of an external institution’s decision;
  • assisting with filling in agreements, creating cost and project accounts, making amendments and changes to a project, preparing annual and final project implementation reports, dispatching documents relating to financial settlements, and passing information about project accounting having been approved by the institution organising the competition.