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The programme is implemented by the European Union from ESF funds under the Operational Programme “Knowledge Education Development”, Priority Axis No. 3 “Higher Education for the Economy and Development”, Measure 3.1 “Competences in Higher Education”.

Project implementation period: February 01, 2019 – January 01, 2023

Project value: PLN 17 307 472.60

255 students will be supported under the competence enhancement and internship programme.

The target group of the project are full-time students of 1st and 2nd degree studies from 5 Faculties of the University of Wrocław: Philology, Historical and Pedagogical Sciences, Biotechnology, Earth Sciences and Environmental Management, Law, Administration and Economics.

Tasks carried out under the project:

  1. Education programmes

The task is aimed at improving the quality of education, including cooperation with employers, outstanding foreign experts, and adapting the programs to the requirements of the labour market.

  1. Raising competences

As part of this task, activities will be carried out related to improving competences based on practice and cooperation with employers, addressed to people participating in higher education (students) and in areas of key importance for the economy and development of the country.

  1. Internship programmes

The task includes the implementation of high-quality national internship programs with employers, for students of the last four semesters of full-time studies.

  1. University management – staff competences

The task includes the implementation of activities increasing the teaching competences of university staff in the field of teaching and IT skills and increasing the management competences of managerial and administrative staff of universities, contributing to the improvement of management processes and improvement of the functioning of the university, including in terms of the quality of education.

  1. University management – support for the management process

The task includes improving the management processes of human resources, supporting IT tools for university management, creating open educational resources and managing information in order to improve the quality of education.

Tasks No. 1,2,3 are directed to the University’s students

Task No. 4 is directed to the teaching staff

Task No. 5 is addressed to the management and administrative staff

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