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  1. Competition funding of preliminary research (internal University of Wroclaw grants)

– annual competitions for maximum two-year internal grants, up to PLN 40.000 each;

– for conducting preliminary research and preparing applications for external grants;

– up to 40 such grants per year to be launched from the beginning of the 2nd year of the project are to be awarded;

– funds will be used to finance research, without personal costs. The applicants will be required to declare which external grant they will apply for and which edition of the external competition they will apply for after the implementation of the internal grant. In the case of not joining the external competition or low evaluation of the application in such a competition, the grantee will not be able to apply for an internal grant for the next 3 years;

– competitions for internal grants will be decided on a panel basis, interdisciplinarity, international scientific activity of the grant applicant and the rank of external competitions declared as the next stage of project implementation;

– recruitment – the 2nd half of 2020.

  1. Programme of inviting visiting professors

– The action is to open up the University of Wroclaw to the visits of foreign scientists of recognised reputation for teaching purposes and exchange of scientific experience;

– The stays will last up to two weeks, taking the model of intensive sessions carried out over the following days;

– lectures under the programme of scientific stays will be addressed mainly to students of the doctoral school. In the case of POB, the arrivals will in each case be included in the study programme and in each semester there will be at least three visits consisting of a thematically coherent series of lectures for doctoral students from the disciplines included in POB, ending with an examination;

– 100 foreign lecturers are expected to come to the University of Wroclaw every year under the above-mentioned programme;

– the estimated cost of the arrival and stay of such a person at the University of Wroclaw will be PLN 10.000 ;

– The programme will be launched in the second year of the project, which will be preceded by the development of a procedure for handling the arrival of a foreign lecturer by the International Cooperation Office;

– the rules of the recruitment of incoming lecturers will be defined, assuming that competitions will be organised every six months;

– applications on behalf of foreign researchers will be submitted by university host employees, and the scientific and educational achievements of the candidate will be taken into account when deciding on the results of the competition while striving for special support for the activities thematically related to the POB;

– first recruitment in mid-2020.

3 Supporting the University of Wroclaw staff trips to leading world universities

– a mobility programme for researchers will be set up for those who have been invited to one of the world’s leading universities (the first 100 universities according to the Shanghai Ranking or the THE ranking); due to the need for strategic cooperation with the region – to the most important universities in Central Europe (Humboldt Universität and Freie Universität in Berlin, TU in Dresden, University of Vienna, Charles University in Prague, M. Corvinus University of Budapest and T. Masaryk University in Brno); it is possible to direct a researcher to universities outside these two categories in the case of vacancies and longer-term cooperation or to establish it with a leading centre in a given discipline operating at such a university;

– the programme will be able to finance trips lasting from 14 days to a maximum of 3 months;

– the requirement for settling the costs of the trip will be proving the research presentation to the employees and students of the host university, confirming the cooperation with the grant application or preparing a joint publication in a leading international journal/publishing house;

– detailed programme regulations will be developed within the first 6 months of the project. The financial rules offered to the departing researchers will be based on the rules of competitions of the National Agency for Academic Exchange;

– it is planned that 50 people per year will benefit from the programme and the total length of their trips will be 50 months;

– the competitions will be organised twice a year, from mid-2020.

– In the case of a higher number of applicants than places, the rank of the host centre and the applicant’s membership in the category of young researchers will be decisive.

  1. Incubators of Scientific Excellence

– 8 Incubators of Scientific Excellence – research teams whose aim  will be to increase measurably scientific achievements in disciplines with lower publishing performance and lower internationalisation;

– each team will be led by a person of high international scientific merit, selected in a competition conducted by the committee with the participation of independent experts representing recognised foreign research entities;

– When selecting the Incubator of Scientific Excellence, measurable indicators declared by the applying managers to be implemented in particular years of the Incubator of Scientific Excellence operation will be taken into account, as well as plans to obtain additional funding during the project and after its completion;

– the offered financial conditions will allow the creation of research teams in each Incubator of Scientific Excellence, consisting of a manager and 1-2 postdoc researchers, with attractive remuneration;

– The aim of the measure will be, first of all, to build research teams at the University of Wroclaw for internationally known researchers, permanently anchor the Incubators of Scientific Excellence in units and areas with weaker publication results and lower internationalisation and provide an attractive offer of scientific activity to young University of Wroclaw employees in the area in which the team will be established;

– it is assumed that the average budget allocated from the project funds for each Incubator of Scientific Excellence will be PLN 4,000,000 over 5 years;

– the rules of the competition will be determined by mid-2020, the first competition will be announced in the 2nd half of 2020.

5) Strengthening the world-class, free access publishing support

– It will be guaranteed that publications financed from the funds of the University of Wroclaw will be obligatorily made available on OA terms. A central fund will be established to cover the costs of publications in leading foreign journals and magazines and to finance language proofreading, in exceptional cases also translations and proofreading;

– costs of licensing fees for publishers to publish articles and monographs on an OA basis – PLN 300,000 per year, cost of linguistic proofreading, in exceptional cases also of translation and linguistic proofreading of articles and monographs for about 6,000 pages per year;

– launching additional payments – mid-2020.

  1. The establishment of the University Research Infrastructure Network

– By the end of the first year of the project, the University Research Infrastructure Network (USIB) will be established, which will include an electronic, central catalogue of research equipment resources, determining the state of the infrastructure and the degree of its use;

– The Rector, in consultation with the chairs of the councils of the disciplines concerned, will determine the rules of access to the USIB. He will define priorities and procedures for the availability of resources, including the principles of paid use of the equipment by users outside the University of Wrocław, as well as the principles of responsibility for the use of resources;

– technical maintenance and coverage of fixed maintenance costs of the equipment (guaranteeing its readiness for use) will be provided by the central unit managing the USIB; variable costs will be covered by units using the equipment.

  1. The creation of the Research Equipment Fund

– Within the framework of the action, the Research Equipment Fund will be established, amounting to 2.5% of the university subsidy (PLN 8,250,000 per year), which will be at least 80% spent on the purchase and maintenance of research equipment for the implementation of the POB;

– opinions on disposing of the Fund shall be adopted by a committee composed of persons indicated by the chairmen of experimental disciplines councils related to POB. One member representing the users of equipment from outside these areas shall be appointed by the Rector;

– the equipment purchased under the project will be part of the University Research Infrastructure Network, and it will be used in accordance to the rules applicable in the Network. The procedures related to the disbursement of FAB funds, purchase of equipment and its putting into use will be handled by the USIB unit.

  1. 8. The expansion of the Scientific Information System

– During the first 6 months of the project, University of Wrocław Central Library Scientific Information Department will prepare a map of scientific information databases in the individual disciplines, taking into account the resources that the university has access to at present and scientifically relevant databases that are not currently available;

– By the end of the 2nd year of the project, access to the missing databases will be purchased;

– during the first 3 years of the project, the library resource catalogues of all units of the university will be fully integrated into the existing university online library resource catalogue. The catalogue will include information on publications dating back at least to 2000.

  1. The establishment of an external fund acquisition and servicing centre

– The aim of the task is to optimise the process of support for the acquisition and handling of external funds allocated for financing, first of all, research, as well as didactics and current activities of the University of Wroclaw.

– the establishment of a centre for acquiring and servicing external funds, modification of the existing administrative structure supporting the functioning of the application and grants execution;

– the development of a support formula for the active search for application opportunities by specific researchers and teams and active support for the preparation of applications by researchers with experience in the implementation of grants of a given category;

– the evaluation of modified grant handling mechanisms, based on surveys conducted among persons implementing projects and the resulting applications.

The author of the text is prof. dr hab. Przemysław Wiszewski, Dean of the Faculty of Historical and Pedagogical Sciences.