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Tasks concerning university administration changes

  1. The implementation of process and strategic university management, and the system of constant process optimisation

– Determining essential processes for strategic University of Wrocław objectives achievement, and its connection with the owners responsible for their functioning (vice-rectors and heads of central administration units), and the adaptation of administration and management structures to process management.

– The implementation of process management will force to define the procedures according to which projects at the University of Wrocław will be executed. This will result in establishing the funds, determined in a multiannual financial plan, for, for instance, research infrastructure. Because of that, the provisions in the University of Wrocław strategy will be linked with specific funding activities;

– To ensure the control of process implementation, a unit will be appointed, responsible for analysing the course of processes, in the context of the University of Wrocław strategy. The continuous improvement of the organisation of processes based on diagnostic tools (e.g. the observation of work efficiency and analysis of user opinions).

– All the management changes need to include an assessment of the effects of their implementation, prepared by specific units. After the implementation of the process management, the functionality of the administrative and management structure will be verified in order to decrease the administrative duties of lecturers, and in order to rationalise the duties of the individual administration units of the University of Wrocław.

  1. Management, administration, and University of Wrocław support map update, and proposal of their course optimisation.

– The starting point of mapping the management, administration, and support processes is a reference to the map prepared in 2013, and the specified acts of process course optimisation;

– The analysis of changes that took place from 2013 to 2019 is essential, as part of the administrative structure and the scope of the responsibility of the management group, external conditions determining the processes and internal factors affecting the fact that Process Management was not implemented in past years.

– Tests conducted at the University of Wrocław faculties and central administration will allow capturing significant changes in the processes functioning with reference to the map of 2013. Based on the obtained data, the preparation of the process map will begin along with defining sample procedures, catalogue of changes in the administration structure, and scope of responsibility of the management group, which allows the implementation of the process management and management processes optimisation at the University of Wrocław.

  1. Pro-quality University of Wrocław staff management

– Defining the body of the University of Wrocław management staff, with the division into term positions (vice-rectors, deans, vice-deans, directors, deputy directors), and non-term positions. Describing their duties by the unit for the analysis of management processes, in agreement with HR analysis unit regarding management processes map, defining competences within the competency model for the University of Wrocław.

– The verification of the scope of managerial responsibilities every four years, based on participation in the process management of the University of Wrocław and results of the periodic evaluation;

– The mandatory participation of the University of Wrocław management staff in legal conditions training;

– The introduction of the annual University management staff assessment, including the compliance of the activities and achievements with the strategy of the University of Wrocław, and unit strategies. Defining the results of the lack of progress in the achievement of strategic University of Wrocław objectives by the University of Wrocław management staff.

4.Active, pro-quality Human Resources management of the university administration

– With the appointment of the University of Wrocław general director, his office assumes responsibility for the entire university with reference to constant defining, and monitoring weak administration points in cooperation with the management processes analysis unit, or maintaining the processes support quality;

– Analysis unit in general director’s office, responsible for administrative staff condition analysis, maps the demand for training in administration every quarter, particularly in the defined critical areas for University of Wrocław strategic objectives;

– The general director’s office in cooperation with the management process analysis unit identifies the need for changes in the administration structure. The need for changes is identified by monitoring the environmental changes, especially the legal changes, processes service evaluation, also from the internal environment of the university;

– In the Human Resources Department (in Polish DSP) analysis, training and service of HR activities unit is created. The new team determines the capabilities of using university’s human resources to implement the recommendations resulting from the optimisation of management processes;

– Gaps and weak administration point liquidation plan includes staff training or staff transfer between the units. The unit responsible for the state of administrative staff analysis monitors the demand for new employees, and the Personnel Affairs Department analyses the possibilities of transferring the employees within the university human resources;

– the base for the new human resource management system is the implementation of the competence model. According to this system, each position has been assigned with a set of the most important properties that the employee should have in order to achieve the best work results in a given position for the university’s strategic objectives. The competence model affects all human resources actions at the university.

5.Development of rules for evaluating the administrative staff work and career paths

– To implement the annual University of Wrocław administrative staff work evaluation, based on the activity efficiency in the context of implementing the strategic objectives of the University of Wrocław.

– To appoint the work evaluation committee for various level employees, from management representatives, administration staff, to customer representatives at a given administration level;

– To authorise a consulting company to develop an objective administrative staff evaluation procedures by the Human Resources Department in the University of Wrocław taking into account participation in the management of individual management processes;

– To affiliate in remuneration regulations, and career path work regulations and salary increases, with the results of the evaluation of the work of administrative employees and their innovativeness, regarding the submission of applications for the optimisation of management processes in the context of strategic objectives of the University of Wrocław.

6.The development of electronic documentation flow along with documentation flow optimisation

– Based on the current computerisation work of the university, the scope of electronic documentation management will be fully extended. Most of the administrative tasks requiring documentation flow will be performed based on the electronic circulation of documentation if the applicable law does not require paper circulation (financial documentation);

– Its development will be associated with the implementation of a new documentation flow scheme, reflecting the map of management processes, in order to shorten the circulation of documentation to a maximum of two levels (institute-faculty; faculty-central administration; institute-central administration);

– Creating as part of the management process map, uniform documentation flow regulations (including office instructions), and the subordination of documentation flow to process management;

– The electronic part of the documentation flow related to process management will refine the system based on standardised document templates at the university.

The author of the text is prof. dr hab. Przemysław Wiszewski, Dean of the Faculty of Historical and Pedagogical Sciences.