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As it turns out, scientists from the Institute of International Studies are not only great scholars and teachers but also able runners. Soon, they will take part in Wrocław Business Run.

The Wrocław Business Run will take place on Sunday, 6 September 2020. It is an event that combines physical activity and a good cause. Teams comprised of employees from different companies have a great opportunity to integrate in the open air, helping at the same time others. This year, they will be helping people with mobility impairment.

ISM Running Team from the Institute of International Studies includes dr Justyna Bakajło, dr hab. Renata Duda, dr Marcin Koczan, dr hab. Patrycja Matusz, and dr hab. Andrzej Polus. On Sunday, they will meet at the ‘Lotnicza’ bowl and run in a 4 kilometre relay race. Due to the pandemic, the whole event will be held without spectators.

“It all started last year. I had run in my previous company and then I wanted to make my colleagues from the Institute more active, too,” says dr Marcin Koczan, captain of the team.

The idea has seemingly turned out to be successful. Runners took part in the last year’s Business Run and Survival Race. They are also going to participate in the Survival Race in May 2021. As there are no limits in this run, everyone from the UWr is welcome to join. “We want to demonstrate our activities that are not purely scientific. We want to expand and so we are planning to organize trainings with dr Karolina Kremens from the Faculty of Law, Administration and Economics, who is a  triathlon athlete,” says Vice-Rector Patrycja Matusz.

As our runners say, the most important thing is satisfaction from running, not the results. Nevertheless, we keep our fingers crossed!

Biegacze z ISM w strojach sportowych: Marcin Koczan, Leszek Kwieciński, Patrycja Matusz, Renata Duda, Andrzej Polus stoją na tle lustra wody. Są uśmiechnięci, pokazują podniesione kciuki.
Photo ISM Running Team

Published by: Dariusz Tomaszczyk

4 Sep 2020

last modification: 12 Oct 2020