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School of Polish Language and Culture (SPLaC) is one of the most important Polish language learning centers for foreigners in the region. It has been in operation since 1974. Nowadays it not only teaches language courses, but also trains the next generations of lecturers and conducts state Certificate examinations as one of the few centres in Lower Silesia. In addition to teaching, SPLaC also supports research work, closely cooperating with the Institute of Polish Philology of the University of Wrocław and scientific centers around the world. However, the most important task of the School still remains to teach Polish language and culture, especially to teach foreigners studying at the University of Wrocław. So far, 27,000 people from more than 90 countries have benefited from SPLaC courses!

Teaching offer

Throughout the calendar year SPLaC conducts:

  • two-week preparatory and semester courses for students coming to Wroclaw under the Erasmus+ programme and other international exchanges,
  • lectures for foreigners who have chosen bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral studies at the University of Wrocław,
  • annual preparatory courses for candidates for studies in Polish,
  • intensive summer courses,
  • individual Polish language courses adapted to the needs of Polish and foreign institutions, e.g. a course for students from Mainzer Polonicum (University of Mainz), a course for young people from the Leningrad Region (Russia), courses and workshops within the framework of the project “Polish is cool” in cooperation with Lehrerfortbildung am Kompetenz- und Koordinationszentrum Polnisch (Germany)

Courses take place, depending on the situation, in a traditional, mixed or remote form. More about the courses.

State Certificate Examinations in Polish as a Foreign Language

As one of the few centres in Lower Silesia, SPLaC organises and conducts certification examinations in Polish as a foreign language under the supervision of the State Commission for Certification of Knowledge of Polish as a Foreign Language. The exams are so popular that even though several editions are organised each year, reservations are exhausted in just a few minutes. More about exams.


Our lecturers are not only excellent and experienced teachers, but also specialists who are constantly developing, learning the practical and theoretical side of such issues as: teaching grammar in functional and communicative terms, typical mistakes made by foreigners, methodology of teaching Polish as a Foreign Language, teaching Polish to deaf-mute and hard-of-hearing people, language politeness of foreigners, analysis of textbooks for foreigners, teaching Polish culture. For our lecturers, working in SPLaC is not only a language teaching, but also a unique opportunity to promote the University of Wrocław and Polish culture, Wrocław and Lower Silesia.

Research and teaching activities

SPLaC is a modern educational and scientific center, which stands out for supporting research works of the Institute of Applied Linguistics of the Institute of Polish Philology of the University of Wrocław. It is a place that allows conducting empirical research among foreigners and gives a unique opportunity for students of master’s and postgraduate studies in the field of teaching Polish as a foreign language, as well as preparing them for a teaching internship in foreign institutions.

Foreign cooperation

SPLaC has constant contacts with many scientific centers around the world, organizes internships for its lecturers abroad, and also invites Polish and Slavic scholars from various parts of Europe (including Leipzig, Mainz, Naples and Pavia) to guest lectures.

Due to its geographical location, SPLaC often participates in projects focused on the implementation of the common language policy in border regions. The result of these projects was, among other things, the writing of a set of tasks “Polski? Bardzo chętnie!” (2007) for Saxon teachers preparing for the Polish language certificate examinations and the development of the textbook “ABC Polnisch”(2013), which was written for German secondary school students. The textbooks were published in cooperation with the Saxon education agency in Görlitz. SPLaC currently cooperates with the Polish Competence and Coordination centre (Polskie Centrum Kompetencji i Koordynacji KoKoPol) in Germany, providing Polish language courses and lectures on Polish culture.

National cooperation

SPLaC cooperates, among others, with the Wrocław Integration Centre (within the framework of the project “Wrocław on world languages” (“Wrocław na językach świata”), the Lower Silesian Centre for Teacher Training in Wrocław, the Polish Language Team Outside the Country of the Polish Language Council at the Presidium of the Polish Academy of Sciences, the State Commission for Certification of Knowledge of Polish as a Foreign Language, the National Agency for Academic Exchange.

Those interested in SPLaC activities are encouraged to refer to the publication “40 years of the Polish glottodidactics in Wrocław. Theory and practice” (“40 lat wrocławskiej glottodydaktyki polonistycznej. Teoria i praktyka”) (2014), and to the Kwartalnik Polonicum no. 25 (2017), as well as to the methodological guide entitled “What is worth knowing. Methodological guide for teachers of Polish as a foreign language in the East” (“Co warto wiedzieć. Poradnik metodyczny dla nauczycieli języka polskiego jako obcego na Wschodzie”), written by authors associated with SPLaC (ORE, Warsaw 2010).

School of Polish Language and Culture for Foreigners of the University of Wrocław

Director: dr hab. Anna Żurek
Deputy director: mgr Urszula Dobesz

Nankiera Square 15b (Room 6)
50-140 Wrocław
Phone: +48 71 3752570
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