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The Research, Didactic and Knowledge Transfer Center “Text-Discourse-Communication” at the University of Rzeszów invites you to take part in the competition for the best translation of a scientific text.

The aim of the competition is to:

-Popularize the achievements of Polish media linguists abroad thanks to the translation of articles by individual scientists,

-Support the exchange of experience and transfer of knowledge between Polish and German researchers.

Conditions for participating in the competition:

1. Participants of the Competition may be doctoral students and students of full-time and part-time studies, postgraduate faculties/colleges of neo philology/philology/humanities of all universities in Poland, who are fluent in both German and Polish.

2. The condition for participation in the competition is the translation of the first page of the scientific article from Polish into German within the time limit specified below by the competition committee.

3. The competition is in written form and will be conducted by email and by post. Therefore, it will not be required to appear in person at the headquarters of the Center.

4. Participants may enter the competition individually or in tandem. Individual universities may be represented by more than one competition group.

Regulations and the course of the competition:

1. Persons interested in participating in the competition are asked to register by e-mail by 15.01.2021 to the following address:

2. In connection with the redevelopment of the website of the Research, Teaching and Knowledge Transfer Center, Text – Discourse – Communication, the competition text will be shared with interested persons via mail. The participants should send a German translation of the said page no later than 02/06/2021 (date as postmarked), to the following address:

Department of Applied Linguistics

Research, Teaching and Knowledge Transfer Center


University of Rzeszow

35-959 Rzeszów

al. Maj. W. Kopisto 2 B

(Competition for the best translation of a scientific text)

The translator or the team whose translation receives the highest score will be given the opportunity to continue their translation work, the subject of which will be a scientific article in the field of media linguistics, a sample of which will have been translated by the participants as part of the competition.

3. The winner will be awarded with the publication of the aforementioned scientific text in the field of media linguistics, translated by him/her, on the website of the Text – Discourse – Communication Center, with the possibility of its later publication in the Centre’s scientific journal text and discourse – text und diskurs or in another scientific journal selected by the competition committee.

4. The submitted competition entries should be signed with a password, not the participant’s name; attached to the entry should be a sealed envelope with a password and containing the following data: password used to sign the work, name and surname of the author of the entry, his/her organizational unit, contact e-mail address for correspondence.

5. Following the end of the competition activities, the name (s) of the winner (s) will be announced on the website of the Center.

6. Deadline for the contest settlement: February 19, 2021.

7. Following the competition settlement, the winner (s) will be informed of the details on the translation of the article constituting the prize in the competition.

8. The time needed to translate the above-mentioned publication will be agreed individually with the winner.

Application deadline: January 15, 2021

The deadline for sending the translated text excerpt: February 6, 2021

Competition settlement date: February 19, 2021

If you have any questions, please send them to the e-mail address:

Data that should be included in the application e-mail:

1. University, faculty, institute or department (address, telephone number, e-mail)

2. Full name or names and surnames of participants

3. Status (PhD student, student)

Members of the selection board:

prof. Zofia Bilut-Homplewicz, PhD

Agnieszka Buk, PhD

prof.  Anna Hanus, PhD

Dorota Miller, PhD

Marta Smykała, PhD

Iwona Szwed, PhD

Final remarks:

· The organizers reserve the right to have the works submitted at their disposal for the competition purposes and use them for publication.

· The organizers of the competition would like to thank all participants in advance for participating in the competition.

On behalf of the organizers:

Competition coordinator

prof. Zofia Bilut-Homplewicz, PhD

Research-Didactic and Knowledge Transfer Center Text-Discourse-Communication

College of Humanities

University of Rzeszow

Published by: Tomasz Sikora

22 Dec 2020

last modification: 6 Jan 2021