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Secondary school graduate, we invite you to a recruitment meeting

Spring is coming (yes, we will stick to it!)… Spring means recruitment to the University of Wrocław! Just like every year, thousands of high secondary school graduates will visit our recruitment website, ask questions on student social media groups – which field of study is worth choosing and whether it is worth choosing this university at all? There are many questions and doubts: What do I need to pass in order to get into psychology? Is it difficult to study two majors at the same time and is it even possible? What are the limits of places, which faculties at the University of Wrocław are the most popular and which are less so? What does it mean for students that the University of Wrocław is a research university? What are the benefits of that? How to use the Internet Candidate Registration System (IRKA), what does it mean that at the University there are sometimes three rounds of recruitment for a specific field of study? And finally, what documents should I submit to the university, when should I do it and what should I look out for in order to recruit successfully?

We tell all of these things to secondary school graduates, and sometimes even to younger secondary school students who are trying to choose their future Alma Mater during recruitment meetings organised jointly by the Communication Department and Museum of the University of Wrocław.

After all, you live in different parts of Poland, you have a lot of work to do before you matriculate, sometimes you can visit us in person, and sometimes not.

The first form of recruitment meeting is a tour around the main building of the University of Wrocław, with or without a guide, during which you will see the most beautiful places of secular Baroque design in Wrocław: Oratorium Marianum, or Aula Leopoldina (it will be opened after renovation in March), the museum rooms of the Museum of the University of Wrocław and the Mathematical Tower. We will combine the tour with our stories about recruitment to the University of Wrocław, and you will also receive information leaflets about the university’s faculties and gadgets with the UWr logo. During this meeting, you will be able to ask questions without hesitation, which we will answer patiently and thoroughly. If you would like to take part in such a tour of the University’s main building, ask your teachers or careers advisors to contact our Museum by sending an email to Museum entrance fees and possibly the cost of a guide will apply for such a tour. The recruitment meeting is a free meeting and lasts approximately 1.5 hours.

The second form of recruitment meeting is an online presentation about recruitment lasting one class hour. Meet on Teams or Zoom. A member of the Communication Department will connect with you during your lesson and guide you through the recruitment process. If you would like to take part in an online recruitment meeting, please ask your teachers or careers advisors to contact us by email at

We look forward to seeing you! See you there!

Published by: Maria Kozan

11 Jan 2022

last modification: 13 Jan 2022