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Sport at Wrocław University is as important as study. This is attested to, for instance, by the successes of our women coxed eights, floorball competitors, swimmers and Alpine skiers. Students can pursue their sport passions at physical education classes or during professional training sessions in one of the 18 sections of Wrocław University AZS (University Sports Association).

PE classes are organised by the University Physical Education and Sports Centre (Uniwersyteckie Centrum Wychowania Fizycznego i Sportu). It is located at Przesmyckiego Street 10, in the buildings of the Wrocław University Sports Complex. The Centre has a sports hall, gyms, a fitness centre and a climbing wall, and most of the classes are free of charge. There are over 30 types of classes to choose from.

Class schedules can be checked at USOSweb, and you can enrol using the Enrolment system.

Komleks Sportowy UWr
Fot. z arch. Waldemara Pasikowskiego

Students can train in the following sports: aerobics, badminton, competitive bridge, karate, korfball, women’s and men’s basketball, athletics, cross-country running, skiing, snowboard, women’s and men’s football, women’s handball, women’s and men’s swimming, women’s and men’s volleyball, chess, tennis, table tennis, floorball, rowing and competitive climbing. Each student can train in a section from the very first year of their study.

For years rowing eights have been successful at the Polish University Championships, Polish Rowing Ergometer Championships, and Wrocław Regatta ‘Odra River Cup’. They train at the harbour at Na Grobli Street 30/32. Their trainer, Andrzej Mulka, stresses that the mission of the section is to teach the competitors discipline, coming to sessions on time, responsibility for others and for the equipment. You need to respect your colleagues, support one another during training and sports events, because rowing, apart from competition, is above all about learning how to work as a team. Students are able to see the magic of the sport – the section is constantly expanding.

wioślarze UWr
Photography: Małgorzata Jurkiewicz/UWr/CC-BY-NC 2.0

Just like swimmers. They put their heart and soul into training sessions at the swimming pool in Teatralna Street. They also derive great pleasure from it. ‘I started swimming already in the infant school and I can’t stop. I always find time to visit a swimming pool,’ says Joanna Piętka, a psychology student. ‘This is true. If you love sport, you can always combine training with work or study,’ adds Andrzej Stankiewicz, a law student. The competitors are in the good hands of trainer Rafał Tomczak.

We are also proud of our Alpine skiers. In 2016, they came back from the Alpine Skiing and Snowboard Championships on Harenda Slope at Zakopane with two medals. Individually, in UNI type slalom, second place was won by Michał Makowski, and fourth place by Piotr Szymczyk.

A University tradition are competitions in which both staff members and students take part. Every year, such events include a University Volleyball Tournament, Wrocław University Swimming Championship and Wrocław University Tennis Tournament.

Information about sport at our University is provided by the administration of the University Physical Education and Sport Centre, located at Przesmyckiego Street 10, Room B. tel. +48 71 375 62 62, e-mail:

Assistance can also be provided by Dominik Wojciechowski, President of the Wrocław University AZS Club, Phone number: +48 888 696 659, E-mail:

We invite you to take part in a sports adventure at Wrocław University!

Main Photography: Kasia Rokosz/UWr

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