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The students of the University of Wrocław pursue their passions in 170 student scientific groups and organisations.

The enthusiasts of Earth sciences are one of the most active groups at the university. Divided into 5 sections – litosphere dynamics, engineering geology, hydrogeology, paleontology, stratigraphy and mineralogy – the members of the Student Research Group of Geologists organise field trips to underground and surface mines and quarries.

„Continuum” Student Research Group from the Institute of Computer Science is known for constructing a Mars rover. From its beginnings, that is from 2014, the members have been focused on one goal – to create ambitious team project that would allow to represent the university in an international competition. They put their efforts into robotics and so Aleph 1 rover prototype, widely successful at various international events (such as European Rover Challenge), was created.

„Psyche” Clinical Psychology Student Research Group has been created for psychology lovers. Its members organise meetups and workshops with psychologists-practitioners and therapists.

Each year the Student Research Groups and Organisations’ Fair gets underway at the University of Wrocław. It’s a perfect opportunity to watch fascinating experiments and presentations, talk to young scientists, get to know their everyday work – and see which degree programme would be worth pursuing.

All our student research groups are open for new members. If you’d like to creatively spend your free time, pick one of them – and start acting.