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The students of the University of Wrocław pursue their passions in 170 student organisations, artistic or sports teams and scientific clubs. Each year the Student Research Groups and Organisations’ Fair gets underway at the University of Wrocław. It’s a perfect opportunity to watch fascinating experiments and presentations, talk to young scientists and scholars, get to know their everyday work – and see which degree programme would be worth pursuing. Many of our student research groups are open for new members. If you’d like to creatively spend your free time, pick one of them – and start acting. By joining a society, you can meet people with similar interests, outlooks, cultures or backgrounds.

Societies can be related to:

  • a course or subject area, such as a Law Society or Spanish Society
  • an interest, such as a Film Society or Rock Music Society
  • a religion or culture, such as a Christian Union or Islamic Society
  • an identity, such as an LGBTQ+ Society
  • something else – you can start one of your own!