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Below you can find explanations and advice on some of the most important aspects of running a student organization. A lot depends on the character and objectives of your group, but a lot of it is universal:

  • With the beginning of the academic year, student organizations are required to submit the following to the Office for Student Affairs: a plan of activities for the following year, a list of the current board members (with a date of the election marked), and a list of all the members;
  • The deadline for this varies from year to year, but it’s usually somewhere between the end of October and mid-November;
  • Along with the plan of activities, organizations are also obliged to provide a report of activities and events of the previous year;
  • The plan of activities should be confirmed by vote and signed by the president, the organization’s guardian, and the person preparing the document. Such a document should then be submitted to the Office for Student Affairs in person or via email;
  • A standardized form for the plan and report of activities are provided on the Student Affairs Office page;
  • The Student Affairs Office has to be notified of any changes to the board of the organization;
  • In November there is usually a Student Organization Fair, with organizations being able to attract new members, showcase their work, network, and exchange project ideas;

More information about running a society you can get from your guardian or directly from the Office for Student Affairs. Good luck!

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