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Due to the planned repairs related to the lack of access to running water, the University of Wroclaw will not run dormitories during the holidays.

 Students are required to check out till 7th of July this year.

 I will be possible to stay in dormitories and the hostel (Grunwaldzki 63 Square, phone during the holiday season: 71 328 12 48) from the University of Environmental and Life Sciences. The information from 1st of May at phone number: 71 320 51 46.

The University of Wrocław has five co-educational dormitories: Dwudziestolatka, Kredka, Ołówek, Parawanowiec, Słowianka.

All are located in the city center near Grunwaldzki Campus. Students are accommodated in single or double rooms, in Dwudziestolatka also in triple ones. All dormitories have Internet access, also wireless.

There are approx. 2000 places in the university’s dormitories. If the number of applicants exceeds housing capacity, priority will be given to full- and part-time (evening) students in difficult circumstances, who would not be able to take up studies due to daily commute or whose studying would be severely hindered due to daily commute.


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