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The University of Wroclaw has five the halls of resident: Dwudziestolatka, Słowianka, Parawanowiec, Ołówek, Kredka. All Halls of Residence are located within the Grunwaldzki square.

The University of Wroclaw does not run a hotel/hostel. A person who has the status of a University of Wrocław student/dormitant or participates in the University’s educational process can apply for a place in the halls of resident first. In case of vacancies, students from other Wroclaw universities can apply for a place in our Halls of Resident.

Due to the ongoing epidemic, in order to prevent, counteract and combat COVID-19, all persons accommodating in a halls of residence are obliged to strictly follow the recommendations administration of the hall of residence. Breaking any rule, especially the ensuing one the recommendations of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, the Ministry of Health and the Chief Sanitary Inspector will result in deprivation of and the need to immediately check out with their belongings.

All schedule for registration deadlines and how to submit documents are available on the website.

Detailed information on accommodation can be found in the tabs of individual student houses.

Additional information can be obtained at the following telephone number: +48713430618 or email:

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