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Instructions for completing the on-line application:

Step 1: read carefully: Regulations for student accommodation at the University of Wrocław

Step 2: visit the website

Step 3:read carefully Obligation to Provide Information Required When Applying for Accommodation in the Halls of Residence  and with the schedule, check the box confirming the reading of the abovementioned information

Step 4: complete the registration form and press SEND button

Step 5: you will receive a message with confirmation of your registration, a password and a link to activate your account (please check the SPAM folder if you won’t receive it immediately)

Step 6: activate your account by clicking the link in the confirmation of your registration – login is your e-mail address and the password you will find in the received message

Step 7: fill the application form, make sure that everything is correct and then press “Send” button.

IMPORTANT: If you’re completing it too long it can caused a deactivation of the website and your application form won’t be send.

Step 8: you will receive a message with a confirmation of your application (please check the SPAM folder if you won’t receive it immediately)

Confirmation of submitted application is the base in case of appeal. If do not receive this confirmation you should try again fill the application form by using the same e-mail address and the password. If you do not receive this confirmation still, please contact us: before the term of submission application ends. You should explain your situation, write your full name and the e-mail address that you used during this process.

Fot. R B/Flickr/CC BY 2.0