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This year, the UWrHelp + team is trying to help in a special way. The annual donation campaign has been replaced by a program which supports those members of our academic community who have been affected by the Covid pandemic, including students, employees and especially retired employees, in their day-to-day life. Now students are also visiting our oldest students – students of the University of the Third Age, whose activities have been suspended by the pandemic.

Before Christmas, students from the UWrHelp + Team decided to visit their oldest colleagues with wishes and gifts – students of the University of the Third Age, who are most exposed to the negative effects of the pandemic and threatened with isolation, especially since the classes at the University of the Third Age have been suspended. Students from the UWrHelp + team visit them at homes in Wrocław and its vicinity. As emphasized by the coordinator of the action Miłosława Sysio, it is not only about handing over parcels, but also, and maybe most of all, about a conversation.

Katarzyna Uczkiewicz, spokeswoman for the University of Wrocław, emphasizes that the latest UWrHelp + campaign confirms that the University of Wrocław is a true multigenerational community: “Today we often say that young people live in an internet bubble, that intergenerational communication is becoming more and more difficult. Meanwhile, they show that they appreciate the possibility of such contact. We would like to thank all our students, the oldest and the youngest, for their willingness to meet and have a conversation”.

Published by: Tomasz Sikora

29 Dec 2020

last modification: 6 Jan 2021