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Students of material culture heritage invite you to the Long Night of Museums!

Students of material culture heritage at the Institute of History of the University of Wrocław invite all participants of the Long Night of Museums for a joint historical journey to the baroque Aula Leopoldina in the main building of the University of Wrocław. Together with people passionate about historical architecture, historical tourism, protection of monuments, the director and employees of the Museum of the University of Wrocław, we invite you from 18:00 to midnight on 14 May! Admission to the event is free.

What exactly is the material culture heritage field of study? Surely you have few people in your surroundings who are graduates of this field of study and this is no coincidence, because it is unique on a national scale! The heritage course is an interdisciplinary field of study that introduces students to the history of art and technology, the concept of landscape, the promotion of regions, the protection of monuments, the tourist use of material heritage, the development of cultural tourism, historical reconstructions… the problems and topics covered in the course could go on for a long time. These studies broaden the awareness of surrounding objects, art, architecture.

-What makes the students happy is the practical character of the classes, during which many interesting projects are carried out, introducing them to professional terminology, which you can use during walks with your friends, without any problems describing in detail various architectural details. The students of that field of study do not like to sit closed in a classroom, that is why classes are often held in the field, in cultural institutions, trips to interesting places in Lower Silesia are organised – says Jakub Kaźmierski, a second year student of material culture heritage. During the Long Night of Museums students will be happy to answer your questions about the field of study, which in the context of the upcoming recruitment process can be extremely valuable – since from whom can high school graduates learn how to study this field of study, if not from the students themselves?

Further information about the organisation of the Long Night of Museums at the Museum of the University of Wrocław can be found on this website.

Are you interested in this field of study? Find out more about it right here.

Recruitment starts on 1 June! You can register via the IRK Internet Candidate Registration System You have time till 7 July.

See you there!

Published by: Maria Kozan

11 May 2022

last modification: 11 May 2022